Klay, the Arcane Protector

My goal was to design a tank support offering a high mechanical skill set that is rewarding and fun. I've found that tank support is a role thats doesn't offer many champions with high skill caps compared to other roles. Klay appears as a large dark stone golem with runic marks and cracks of blue magic coursing through him. I'm going to start with his skills and then finish with a little lore. The ratios and stats are my best estimates based off similar champions and moves but i am new to this. Q: Arcane Grasp/throw (CD 12/11/10/9/8) - Klay reaches out intercepting a skill shot or single target spell animation (Also bouncing moves like mf q and fiddle silence) absorbing the magic into himself. Refunds the mana cost if he lands the move and allows him to reactivate the ability within 2 secs throwing a magic projectile back out. Dealing magic damage (50/60/70/80/90 (+.2ap)(+3% of captured skillshot)(20% slow) (Range 800 for grasp) (875 for throw equal to Leona E) (40/45/50/55/60 mana) Difficult move to land but offers huge upside. Like most tank supports Klay lacks consistent poke. A strong player can partially reduce this problem by landing grasps and hitting his arcane throws. W: Arcane Retreat (15/14/13/12/11) - Creates a zone around himself that grants a shield (30/50/70/90/110 + .05 max health) to himself and all allies in the zone. Any ally within the zone that is binded, feared, taunted, sleeping, or stunned has the CC changed into a fear with the same remaining time. The new fear causes the allies to walk with 15% speed bonus in a straight line in the opposite direction of where Klay was facing when he activated the move. (Effect radius 300 aka shen's W) (mana 50/60/70/80/90) A quick fingered Klay player can utilize this move to make his allies side step enemy moves. The shield is strong for teamfights. The move is also strong for avoiding ganks. Although a smart enemy team will play around the fact that the speed buff is only given if the target is binded, feared, taunted, sleeping, or stunned. E: Runeterran dash (12/11/10/9/8) - Klay quickly dashes a short distance ripping up the ground around him. Klay travels the full distance regardless of minion or champion collision. Can travel through small walls. Any enemy champion hit takes a small amount of magic damage(40/45/50/55/60 + .2ap) is slowed (25% for 1 sec). Klay is also slowed (15% for 1 sec). Can be recast for free within 2.5 seconds. Enemies and minoins can only be damaged and slowed once. (Dash distance 350) (damage range 570) (mana 40/45/50/55/60) Allows Klays to cover ground quickly. Putting himself in position to make splashy plays. The high CD and self slow stop force him to move in quick bursts. R: Mountainous Shift (150/130/110) - Klay launches himself to a nearby location. Slamming into the ground, Klay knocks up all champions around himself into the air for .5 seconds. Allies are untargetable. (Animation - klay hits the ground sending out fissures in the ground) (300/425/550 + .3ap magic damage) (Range 1000) (mana 80/90/100) His ult offers huge potential for mechanical outplays and failures. Knocking up your own team to dodge key ultimates (I.e. neeko ult) can change the outcome of teamfights. At the sametime ccing your own team at the wrong time can definitely backfire. (I've consider allowing teammates to continue attacking or channeling while knocked up but i felt it would be too OP. I also like the idea of the ult being able to backfire if played poorly) Passive: Innate strength - When Klay's Q, W, and E are all on cool down (Q & E only), his first auto knocks the target into the air for .5 secs. Deals bonus magic damage (30-220 based on level). Klay has 2 seconds to use this passive after the last move goes on cool down. (Cd 35secs) Gives Klay the reliable CC any good tank needs. I required him to cast all his non ultimate moves to help balance his Q. Klay players have to decide whether to get his stun early in a fight or save his Q to block a key move. Stats: Hp 540( +87 per lvl) Health Regan 8(+1) Mana 310(+45) Mana Regan 6(+1) Armor 46(+4) Magic Resist 33(+1.3) AD 52 (+3) AttackSp .64 (+.034) MS 325 Strong base tank stats. One of the slowest base movement speeds in the game. Plays into is lumbering gaint vibe. Slow overall but can use his magic to cover ground quickly in short powerful bursts. Playstyle: Klays biggest strength is bringing flashy plays to defense. Klay can use his dash to get in position for life saving grasps. Literally grabbing kill shots out the the air. He focuses on defense and counter attacks. Lore: Long ago the rune wars ravaged the wilderness of runeterra. Magic was abundant and ran unchecked. Mutating and destroying the land. Into this dark world Klay awoke. An abomination of magic and land. Agonizing in pain during every moment of his existence. Looking around Klay saw his beautiful land ruined by sorcerers. Driven mad with angry, he set out to stomp out magic from the world. For he is the protector of Runeterra. "I never chose life. I was awaken as an answer. And one day I shall rest again" - Klay Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think below.
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