Mysterious Symbols on SR

I recently noticed in my last few games that, when I play Jax on summoner's rift, those weird circular symbols with the three dots light up and hum when I mouse over them. It hasn't happened with any other champion. Does anybody know why this happens, and what it has to do with Jax? I specifically remember it being the one on blue side near the blue buff on that middle piece of terrain. My friends didn't believe me, but I'm not crazy I promise. Please someone else try it and prove it works!!!!! EDIT: Thanks for the answers guys! I did see the champion preview so I knew what it was about, and I guess I didn't really make that clear. I stand corrected on it not just being Jax... I tried it with Vayne too and it did it on the blue side bot lane symbol by krugs... Maybe it only works at the very beginning of the match or something? Anyways thanks, and I hope you guys are excited as I am about the new champ!

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