Twisted Fate [Rework Concept]

[]( Hey there, ***Concepts & Creations***! Been a while since I've popped by with anything I've been exploring, but this seems to have gotten some initial approval from the people I've shown it to, so I may as well post it here. It's a **Twisted Fate** rework, aimed at hitting home the fantasy from the [A Twist of Fate cinematic](, while also keeping as much of his existing kit as similar as possible. The end goal is a versatile skirmishing mage who can play as a mage, a marksman, or a hybrid, with a very wide list of build options. You'll see that this concept has kept numbers off, intentionally, as no doubt tuning and tweaking would be required to ensure that there's variety in his build paths and functionality. **Edit:** For those interested, [I took a spin at **Mordekaiser** as well!]( #Stacked Deck [Passive] Twisted Fate gains AP based on his total bonus AD and his critical strike chance. Additionally, every third attack deals bonus magic damage, scaling off his ability power. **Jokers Wild [Secret Passive]:** Two out of every 54 auto-attacks, chosen randomly, deal 1 point of bonus damage. Every 54 auto-attacks this passive resets. ***Design Goals:*** *This passive is what enables Twisted Fate's build diversity. He gets a bonus for auto-attacking faster, synergizes well with AP and AD, benefits from critical strikes, and can thus build pretty much any offensive items he desires while still remaining effective. Some tuning to his ratios may be necessary to enable this to work well, but the goal is to maximize build diversity.* *His old passive was effectively just "+stats over time", which is rather unengaging, and also dangerous to have with his new access to better carry stats. As a result his passive has eaten part of his old E, which was a boring passive ability in the first place. It's a better fit for this slot, and opens up our E to emphasize the newer playstyle.* #Wild Cards [Q] **Active:** Twisted Fate throws three cards out in a 30 degree cone out to 700 range, dealing magic damage to all enemies they pass through. Enemies hit by more than one card take 30% damage from cards after the first. **Wild Cards** can be cast while moving. ***Design Goals:*** *By heavily shortening the range, tightening the cone, and adding a multiple hit clause, we encourage Twisted Fate to spend more time in auto-attack range, make his waveclear a little riskier, and generally transition him closer to a skirmishing ranged carry engagement range rather than someone who sits safely in the back tossing Qs out. As the goal is to make him more active, this seems a strong improvement.* #Pick a Card [W] **Passive:** Twisted Fate’s auto-attacks cycle through ***Red***, ***Blue***, and ***Yellow*** cards, resetting to a random color after 4 seconds of not attacking. **Active:** Add a bonus effect to your next auto-attack within 4 seconds based on the color of Twisted Fate’s last card. **Pick a Card** stores up to 2 charges, with a 1 second cooldown between casts. 6 second cooldown between charges. * ***Blue Card:*** Twisted Fate throws a blue card, dealing bonus magic damage and restoring a portion of Twisted Fate’s mana. * ***Red Card:*** Twisted Fate throws a red card, dealing bonus damage and shredding the target’s magic resistance. * ***Gold Card:*** Twisted Fate throws a gold card, dealing bonus magic damage and stunning his target. ***Gold Card*** has an 8 second cooldown per target and, if used again on the same target within this time, will only deal bonus damage. ***Design Goals:*** *We couldn't remove this signature ability, but the old model of selecting cards as they rotate is a little difficult to do safely with the closer range and more attack-focused design. As a result, the pattern has changed to watching auto-attacks, which makes it easier to focus (as you see the effect strike your target) while still being rather clear to the enemy. It has an added benefit of reducing the number of times you can ensure you have a gold card up for your ultimate to those times when you can cook your auto-attacks on a target prior to teleportation, which reduces TF's nova potential from a successful teleport. With his kill-time lengthened slightly against isolated targets, we can put more power back into the rest of his kit.* *The stacks were added so you don't necessarily want to use it on cooldown every time, which current TF is often encouraged to do by the inclusion of blue card, and red card has been changed to make wave clear a bit harder but give more single-target dueling power.* #Dealin’ Doubles [E] **Active:** Twisted Fate dashes a short distance to target location, and his next basic attack strikes twice, advancing two cards. Scoring a critical hit reduces Dealin’ Doubles’s cooldown by 25%. ***Design Goals:*** *A skirmishing TF needed a bit of mobility, which this gives him. The double-hit helps his burst, and also gives a skilled player more control over which card they want, as they can skip over a card that won't help them in the current fight while getting a nice chunk of damage on the back end.* #The Grand Reveal [R] **Active:** Twisted Fate’s team gains true sight of all enemy champions for a few seconds. After a 0.5 second delay he may cast **All In** once for the duration. **All In:** Twisted Fate channels for 1.5 seconds, blinking to the target location upon completion. ***Design Goals:*** *Literally the only change here is making the names more card-related.*
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