[CHAMPION CONCEPT] Zek'Har, Broodmother of the Void - (Support role)

Zek'Har - Broodmother of the Void First of all sorry if my english isn't perfect, i will try to explain this concept as good as i can. This will be a wall of text so bare with me. So from long time i wanted to see a voidborn support role champion (okay, vel'koz can be played as supp nicely i give you that), so this is a concept of what i think should work well with a theme like that. AT THE MOMENT I CANT PUT UP PICTURES OF HER BUT I WILL WHEN I CAN! so you can imagine more or less what she is. Anyway think about a "butterfly" from the Void, taking care of her brood, then let your imagination run wild. GENERAL THEME, FANTASY, AND LORE OF ZEK'HAR: Zek'Har is a champion from the void, different from other champions of the void becaue of the fact that she is this OVERLY protective Broodmother, very aggressive towards outsiders and enemies, but very protective and "gentle" to her brood and her allies. She also do something that NO OTHER champion in league do: She is a support void creature and she rely heavily on the minions she spawn So i think that this concept is really good couse she fill a spot that no other champion touched, both in her theme and how she plays out. I leave Riot the task to make a good background lore to her IF they decide this could be a good concept for a champion (yes i'm allowed to dream : > ), ABILITIES I will list here her kit (with no numbers cause im not good at that, but with a good description of what they do). in the end just focus more on the idea behind her kit, more then it's balancing and numbers. ----------------------------- Passive: Voidbrood Swarm When Zek'Har dies a swarm of flying voidlings come out around her, swarming around her corpse in a large radius. Any enemy that goes trought it is slowed by 20% and takes X magic damage over 5 seconds. The swarm last 5 seconds -------------------------------- Q spell :Regenerative fluids/Venom strike • medium lenght thin skillshot in straight line, castable on allied champion or enemies, after you land the skillshot a channel cast start • Short cooldown When casted on allied champs its Regenerative fluids, Venom strike when casted on enemies. Zek'Har hit her target with the sting on her tail,injecting regenerative fluids or venom If she hits an allied champion she start to channel, consuming X mana each second and healing her target for X each second. If she hits an enemy she start to channel consiming X mana each second and dealing X magic damage each second and slowing them by 35%. This ability can also be casted on the Void nest ------------------------------------------ W spell: Will of the Broodmother • Point and click on Void nest or allied champion, medium-low range • long cooldown Zek'Har rapidly fly in the air towards an ally champ or a Void Nest. Both Zek'Har and her target gain a shield that absorb X damage that last 4 seconds and both gains 20% movement speed for 3 seconds. --------------------------------------------- E spell: Void nest • castable on ground (small radius) • medium-long cooldown Zek'Har position a void nest on the ground. The void nest grows larger in the arc of 5 seconds. After 5 seconds an untargetable voidling spawns every 10 seconds from the nest and will follow the nearest allied champion in range (long range radius around the nest). When that allied champion attack an enemy champion with a basic attack 1 voidling will attack his target too dealing very little extra bonus physical damage and sacrificing itself. Max 5 voidlings can follow an allied champion. The void nest last forever until it's killed or a new one is placed. (Worth noting that the void nest are much more durable then other things like the rek'sai tunnel - they need to have a good amount of resistance before going down, that scales up with the rank) If no allied champions are around no voidlings will spawn. ------------------------------------------ R spell: Frenzy • Self buff • medium long cooldown The Broodmother goes into a frenzy gaining theese buffs for 20 seconds: • She can put up one more Void Nest with her E. • Each Void Nest will be Sorrounded by her Voidbrood Swarm (the same of her passive) • Increase the spawn rates of Voidlings from the Void Nests by 100%. At the end of the duration, if you have 2 nests active, the furthest nest from you will be destroyed. ----------------------------------- HOW THIS CHAMPION WORK - PROS AND CONS: First of all she has medium range, ranged auto attacks. If champions like bard encourage you to roam and set up plays, this one is the exact opposite. This champion is all about controlling a zone and protect this zone in any way you can, given her low mobility (exept her W) and general fragility she can literally do next to nothing without her Void nest or an allied champion to rely on. So it should be a very strategic champion to play and very different in many ways. So let's see how you can use her kit: Early Laning phase: In early laning phase this champs should be weak, so you have to be careful, at level one its reccomanded to take the E, and to start putting it down safely near your turret maybe, so you can start getting some empowered Autoattack off to have a bit of pressure there. At level 3 you have your basic spells unlocked and you have a good sinergy with them to play with. You can fly out of danger if you can with your W, you can heal up you ally or your Void nest with your Q if you need (but watch out for the mana you spend!), and you can also try to get a bit of pressure or setting up a gank with your Q casted on enemies. Remember that when you cast your Q you are ALWAYS exposed to danger since you have to stop in place while channeling it. From Mid to Lategame: When you start grouping with your other teamates is the time where Zek'Har shine, especially in teamfight. Your job when sieging or in teamfight is to control the battlefield and in particular TO KEEP ALIVE THE VOID NEST. The void nest is the "signature" move of this champion and basically everything goes around it in her kit. Teamfight are no exception. If you fail to place correctly the Void nest you will suffer hard, but if you do it in the right way your whole team will benefit from it. Using your ulti in a teamfight creates the opportunity to spawn another Void nest and that means to double the voidlings that spawn, wich should be a good buff for everyone that autoattack. Also your void nests will be protected by the Voidbrood Swarm wich will intimidate enemies (or at least the melee ones) to attack it. Even when you die in teamfight you still have that zoning presence thanks to her passive, the voidbrood swarm. If you have now a better idea of what she is let's see in general her PROS AND CONS: PROS: • Reward strategic pla • Zone control • Good teamfighting utility • Good sieging utility CONS: • General low mobility and durability • Mana costs • Rely hevily on allied champions • Can be useless if played wrong FINAL NOTES: I think this is a good concept, very different from other champions and supports. So right now i wait what you guys think about it. As i said earlier, dont give too much weight on the numbers i listed, couse im not good at balancing, just think about how this champ should work, if the theme is right, what convince you and what not. I will ignore retarded comments, i only want to listen to constructive criticism. Soo... that's all for now, i will edit this post with more information when i can. Thanks for reading all of that stuff, if you did it you are my hero.
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