[ CHAMPION CONCEPT ] Chara, the swarm within "NEED MORE YORDLES" (original)

http://i.imgur.com/s1jxb7y.jpg Chara pronounced "Car-rah" is a yordle, atleast she was until she became more. Here is her story “You have something that belongs to us. We have something you thought belonged to you, but in the end, all will be consumed by the swarm.” Chara shared many traits with her mother, a love for nature being one of such. One of the greatest biologists in Bandle City, Chara’s mother was in charge of many explorations across the great expanse of rune terra, to decode and learn about the mysteries the strange flora and fauna of the world hold. Inspired by her mother, Chara grew to love the work she did, eager to learn the secrets of nature her mother observes on her explorations. http://i.imgur.com/qGRHRnA.png The Plagued Jungles may have been one of the most traitorous but interesting research explorations her mother would have ever venture to, but was also one of her lasts. No one has heard from Chara’s mother or the research team she was accompanied by, ever since. Chara became devastated; her mother was all she had. http://i.imgur.com/fZCAmGl.png http://i.imgur.com/WsfkmW8.png After her grandmother passed and as she grew to adolescence Chara decided to pursue the dream her mother once inspired her to live, soon becoming a novice biologist. http://i.imgur.com/g2WgTUt.png There was word of a company hiring new biologists on a life changing expedition program. Chara could not pass on this opportunity as she swiftly grasped this one in a lifetime chance without hesitation. http://i.imgur.com/zwPtK0P.png However to her disbelieve this wasn’t at all the expedition she expected. She along with a few other eager participants were taken to a Noxian research facility, south of the Institute of War. There were forced to work in the labs, some threated by life. Noticing the striking resemblance of Chara to her mother, the Noxians placed the same task once given to her mother who refused. These few words lingered in Chara’s mind pushing her to perform at the Noxians bidding “Cooperate if you would like to see your mother again.” http://i.imgur.com/CdrCb2i.png Pages written by Chara were found hidden in the Noxian lab away from the guards: http://i.imgur.com/b8RYI7U.png Page1: “They forced me to perform research on a few strange organic capsules.” “They held immense amounts of energy, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. They wanted it weaponized." http://i.imgur.com/8NErnNN.png http://i.imgur.com/hQUCaG8.png Page 2: ”It seemed to have a strange sense to my presence, with an emanating glow that grew every time I got closer to it. I assumed it was sensitive to thermal stimulus so I ran an experiment using a lab frog to test my hypothesis, unaware of what would have happened next. The capsule consumed the frog’s life energy, killing it instantly. I was in dismay filled with unbelievable fear. What do they want me to do with this perilous weapon?” http://i.imgur.com/tbiVij9.png The Noxians began to be impatient as Chara hesitated to push forward with the research work every time she seemed to get closer to cracking the secrets of the capsule. http://i.imgur.com/o7B8afV.png Page3: “I was terrified. It contained tremendous amounts of power and energy and being audience to what it did to that frog, who knew what it could do to me. I tried holding back on research, I needed more time, more time to figure a plan to find my mother and escape this imprisonment.” Suspicious of Chara’s procrastinating behaviour the Noxians decided to persuade her with threating force, do or die. In the moment of fear Chara felt a strange alluring tog towards the deadly capsule, as if an unseen entity, unheard voice was calling her to approach. Stuck between the death threats of the Noxians and the even grievous death threats of the capsule, Chara did the unthinkable and grabbed the capsule, but to her amazement it did absolutely nothing. http://i.imgur.com/PT6WizR.png What was she to do now? I mean she was just a Yordle. Before thinking through what next the consequences she, threatened to destroy the capsule if the Noxians came any closer. As a guard lounged at her to yank the capsule out of her grasp the luminescent capsule devoured the guard’s energy, bursting into a cloud of a glowing swarm. The swarm engulfed Chara erupting in a blinding light. As the light faded the remaining Noxians focused their gaze to Chara, or what they thought was her. http://i.imgur.com/rkQO8bd.png http://i.imgur.com/muvJpGY.png Page 4: “I thought I was dead yet I felt an intense flow of new life inside me, immeasurable energy and power filling my veins. Why was I speared and what really happened remains a mystery. That was the last time the Noxians saw me as I made my escape through the nearest window, leaving their stunned gazes ablur.” http://i.imgur.com/B6lfdmc.png http://i.imgur.com/DQGNrlY.png Page 5 (last page): “We felt strangely comforted by the alienated entity that lies within us, as we felt somehow I shared something with it. It made me strong…made us strong. We escaped the hostages of the Noxians that day and now we’re going back to claim what is ours” Here is her stats http://i.imgur.com/qWf6P8y.jpg Details: As her role i was aiming for a support mage, able to lane by herself but works even better with an ally. As a result of her corrupt 'invaders' i was thinking she have a 2 toned voice, i.e her voice plus a higher pitch tone and making her always talk in the plural "we, us" instead of "me and I" Hope you guys like :D, took a while for me to make this lol.
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