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In League of Legends there are many ways to support your team and get them ahead. You have enchanters, healers, crowd controllers, experience gain, and raw damage. While all of these are valid manners of supporting, there is one that is yet to be made, gold support. Now there are champions that get additional gold from getting CS, Gangplank and Twisted Fate, but none make it so that the rest of the team could make more gold. I would like to propose a support character that would give their team a hand in accelerating how much gold they get. While they would have other supportive abilities, my intention is that they are relegated to a supportive role. So when I was making this character they would be relegated to a supportive play style in either the jungle or the bot lane. I will go over the abilities first then afterward the lore behind it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Amour Doré Base stats: While I don't have any numbers for this Doré should have minimal health and above average mana. Doré's health regen should be extremely low and mana regen be average to above average. Armour should be low, and magic resistance should be average. Doré's movement speed should be on the higher side Passive [Glamour]: Now I was conflicted on how this would be implemented so I decided to split this into two versions. Version 1: Gold would stack up slowly with time. Once you hit a threshold you can split the gold between you and an allied champion. (Similar to Zilean's passive.) Version 2: Everyone second you Impair the movement of a unit, you place 2 stacks of Glamour. If the unit is a minion or monster, small or large, you can stack up to 4 times. If the unit is a champion or epic monster it can stack infinitely. Upon killing the unit all the stacks would converted to gold with a 1:1 ratio, and a 1:4 ratio for epic monsters and Champions. Stacks would fall off one at a time after leaving combat for 4 seconds Q [Set the Stage]: [Active] Doré makes the area in front of him slow and ground enemies. The area starts away from Doré then fills toward him, lasting for about 4 seconds. For each unit standing in the area the spell does more and more tick damage as long as they stay inside the area. This applies the glamour passive. "Doré peaks the interest of the audience, slowing them in their tracks" W [Soothing melody]: [Passive] Doré heals for a 40% of all tick damage that they do, and a forth of all magic damage they do. [Active] Doré applies a debuff to everyone within a radius around him with the Glamour passive, making it so that every time they hit them they heal for 4% of their max health. This is a channeled ability. "Doré masterfully plays his gilded violin, emitting a orchestral melody worthy of utmost awe" E [Sliding Grace]: [Passive] While in Set the Stage's affected area Doré gets a stacking movement speed buff stopping at 40% faster movement speed [Active] Doré dashes in a direction leaving a trail behind him. This trail slows enemies by 40%. If the enemy is in Set the Stage's affected area the target is stunned for 2 seconds. The same target cannot be stunned by Sliding Grace for 4 seconds after being stunned. This ability has 2 charges "Gracefully bounding through the stage, Doré captivates the audience members individually" R [Gilded Facade] [Passive] [Active] Grants your team true sight of every champion and epic monster with a Glamour stack for 4 seconds. All enemy champions within a radius of Doré get different effects depending on amount of glamour stacks. 2 Glamour Stack - You take 20% more damage from all sources 4 Glamour Stacks - You take 40% more damage from all sources, and are slowed for 4% per stack 8 Glamour Stacks - You take 60% more damage and are stunned for 1 second per 4 stacks "Doré dazzles the audience in the beauty of mortality and the perfection of their final rest" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now if it wasn't obvious from some of the stats, this character is meant to go along side Jhin, but not in a Rakan and Xayah way. Doré's back story is entirely based around Jhin, and would be fascinated with him. "Amour Doré was born among the affluent and powerful of Noxus. While his family traded for their fortune, Doré was called towards the arts and theater. Crafting his own violin and composing his own music this prodigy was heralded as one of the most gifted composers of dramatic music. While he was well versed in crafting his piece's, Doré always felt like something was missing. He felt he lacked a ending, that lasting effect that only the masters could achieve. That all changed when one of his performers was found dead on one fateful day. Seeing the grotesque form of his former colleague initially brought disgust to all that laid eyes on it, but what does the common man know? This was what Doré needed, this was his true calling! Doré looked and the incisions and the positioning of the body, he studied it day in and out. He looked for cases similar to this, tracing each and everyone. He thought of making one of his own but, something was stopping him. He felt that since this art was so absolute, so elating, that any imitation would tarnish the form itself! Doré was engulfed by this search to the point of his friends concerns. They knew nothing of the wonders of this art, they only got in the way. Eventually he found his man, Khada Jhin. Doré was not daft though, he knew in order to learn from him he must learn from the master himself. Doré set up a trap, using himself as the bait. He donned his costume and waited on the stage, waiting for the perfect moment. After some time during the performance he saw him, Jhin. He was sitting there observing the piece, judging, analyzing. Doré was lost onto this, for it must be perfect! At the performances end, when the curtain was called he approached Jhin. "Have you seen my work, do you approve of these methods?" Jhin was silent, making Doré panic inside. his heart racing he waited, and waited. Finally! Jhin gave his approval. The elation was to die for and Doré asked to be his stagehand, his partner. Initially skeptical Jhin agreed. From then on they terrorized the commons with their art. This was pure bliss, for they were perfecting their craft." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance/Personality: I was thinking Doré would have a very flamboyant suit going on that mirrors Jhin's appearance but has more of a flowery and colorful exterior. He would have a phantom of the opera like mask that would expose his right eye, indicating that he is not fully mastered this and would make a nod to Jhin. the reason that the right eye is showing specifically is because it is meant to visually show that he is the "reflection" of Jhin. His abilities would have a rose/purple color scheme with a hint of créme. Personality wise he would be a sassy but insecure person. Rather emotional to his team, but smug to the enemy. Most of his taunts and voice lines would reflect this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's Note: Now I am no artist nor am I a game designer, but I always liked the entire look of Jhin and how he plays. Mind you this character is meant to be played alongside Jhin but is not entirely based around him either, meaning I came up with the gold gain idea first, then thought about making it related to Jhin. The reason I haven't added AP or AD scaling or any scaling really is because I wouldn't know how to balance this and I'm not going to pretend how to either but I wanted to get the concept out there. I would really like to see something similar to this made, and would really appreciate any feedback on this. In case this actually gets put into the game, I would love to help at least help a bit on the design of the character. Now I am not saying that I'm better than actual designers or anything, but it would be very appreciated if I could get a sneak peak or something. Anyway this is my idea and I would love all feedback. Have a nice day!
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