Disco Party Viktor

Disco Party Viktor I can't actually draw, but I figured I could come up with something I've been thinking of for awhile (If someone CAN draw and actually really likes my idea, they can email it to me at jwbandjough@gmail.com, I would really really appreciate it) Dressed in a sequin disco jacket with a large Afro. Wears sunglasses and has a very chiseled jaw with a very tanned complexion. Wears long, stark white, gleaming disco pants, as well as disco high heels. His staff becomes a long golden pole with a gleaming white crystal on top, and his robotic arm off of his shoulder remains the same. Always has his hand on his hips doing a strut. Q - Throws out a vinyl disco record W - Summons a 5x5 illuminated disco dance floor that causes every enemy caught inside to become slowed. The stun turns into a mandatory dance, which causes all enemies stunned to dance. E - Viktor's robotic arm releases a rainbow flashing beam R - Summons a large disco ball that blasts enemies with it's groovy rays. Disco beams replace the lightning shocks
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