The Mischievous Adventures part 368

(Later) {{champion:15}}: "Whew! Thirty three seconds, new record. Ha, Quinn's going to be jealo-." {{champion:412}}: "Hey there." {{champion:15}}: "Um hey..." {{champion:412}}: "Name's Thresh." {{champion:15}}: "Sivir." {{champion:412}}: "Sivir? Cute name. Do you know what's also cute-" {{champion:15}}: "Oh, oh I know what's going on here." {{champion:412}}: "Know about what?" {{champion:15}}: "You're trying to flirt with me. It's charming, it's just that your....not my type. Besides I need to get back to my roommate, she's going to mad if I get back late." {{champion:412}}: "Wait...Roommate...She...not your-Oh! Oh ok, I understand." {{champion:15}}: "You do?" {{champion:412}}: "Yeah, I may be a flirter but I know when the game is not possible. Well it's been nice seeing then." *Walks away* {{champion:15}}: "Um you too....That was weird."
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