Just an Item idea!

I think Zaun has some cool technology that could influence items being created! https://imgur.com/2xvA4yn Chemtech Marauder +85 Ability Power (_Revised_) +15 Magic Penetration (_Revised/Added_) +350 Health (_Revised_) UNIQUE Active - Poisonous Bolts Shoots out a cone of arrows that impales enemies, dealing 70-130 (+25% of your ability power) of magic damage. (40 second cooldown, shared with other hextech items) Enemies impaled are poisoned, inflicting the enemy with grievous wounds for 3 seconds and causing them to leave a trail that inflicts other enemies for 1.5 seconds. (Building path: {{item:3916}} + {{item:3145}} +850Gold = https://imgur.com/2xvA4yn for 3400Gold total)!
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