This isn't very important, but can we get a system that's more precise than monthly skin sales?

This is just me ranting but man, I've waited 2 years for project lucian to go half off, and it's a bit annoying since my pc was broken the exact days it was on sale. I don't care all that much, but to waste 2 years because I'm stingy with mine money is pretty tilting, and to waste another one makes me just a tad saltier. The worst part is, is that this isn't the first time I've waited for a skin to go 50% off and miss it whether I forgot to check the store or whatever. I really don't want to have this happen again, not to me, not to anyone. For the love of god can we get the exact dates the skins will go on sale? Maybe when can check a tab in the client to get notified when certain skins go on sale? Man, I don't even play Lucian I just really like that skin. And I'm okay with never getting it, I just don't wanna wait another year for it to go on sale and have this happen all over again. Can there be some system so that we know exactly when skins go on sale? Because I really, really don't want this to happen to anyone.
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