The Mischievous Adventures part 397

(Day 5) {{champion:68}}: "Argh! We lost!" {{champion:113}}: "How did we lose!? I thought you had the turret." {{champion:68}}: "I busy fighting Malazahar, and someone wasn't supporting me." {{champion:203}}: "I was dead! What do you want me to do!?" {{champion:203}}: "Wolf please calm down-" {{champion:203}}: "Sorry Lamb, but I'm not letting this slide." {{champion:39}}: "....So, this is your favorite game?" {{champion:245}}: "Yep, don't worry this happens often." {{champion:39}}: "Isn't that a bad thing?" {{champion:99}}: "Don't worry, after a year of playing you get numb to it." {{champion:39}}: "I doubt that." {{champion:68}}: "Ugh, who's next?" {{champion:99}}: "I believe it's..." *Pulls cards out of a hat* "Ekko, Taliyah, Kayn, Ezreal, and me, against Irelia, Riven, M.F, Orianna, and-....." {{champion:21}}: "And? Who's our last teammate?" {{champion:99}}: "...Do you really want to know?" {{champion:21}}: "Yes." {{champion:99}}: "...It's...Shaco." {{champion:39}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}}: "...Oh no..." {{champion:35}}: "Oh yes~ Come on ladies, let's play as a team. I'll be leader." {{champion:39}}: "Hahaha, no. Your lucky your even sitting in that chair. So I suggest you shut up." {{champion:35}}: "But where do you want me to-" {{champion:39}}: *Punches him* "Start the game." {{champion:99}}: "Don't have to ask me twice, let's hope this game ends quick." (Fifty minutes later) {{champion:39}}: "Why isn't someone at base!?" {{champion:21}}: "Don't worry I'm close!" {{champion:39}}: "She's already got it to half!" {{champion:21}}: "Don't worry I got him." *Player has been slain* {{champion:99}}: "So close!" {{champion:39}}: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Shaco finish this!" {{champion:35}}: "Hehe, as you wish. This is was a easy victory." {{champion:245}}: "Or was it?" *Casts a {{summoner:12}} to their base* {{champion:39}} {{champion:21}}: "What!?" *Player has been slain* {{champion:21}}: "No!" {{champion:61}}: "Shaco end it!" {{champion:35}}: "What's the magic word?" {{champion:39}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}}: "SHACO!" {{champion:245}}: *Destroys the objective* *Blue team wins* {{champion:39}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}}: "....." {{champion:35}}: "Hey at least we had fun, I sure did being around you ladies." {{champion:39}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}}: "....." *Beat him down* {{champion:35}}: "Gah!" {{champion:92}}: "Hm, least that was fun." {{champion:39}}: "Agreed."

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