Skin/Champion Request to Honor a Friend

Hello! I initially contacted support because I wasn't sure where this would go, but Ilias Alhazred redirected me here (he was really nice and understanding though). So, here's the second attempt. Hopefully this is the correct avenue for this now. I used to work at a restaurant in Montana. My coworkers there were the ones who got me into league. I had learned to play from an ex previously, but he was horrible to play with and I'm pretty sure he was a toxic player--every game I played with him made me more and more sure of this. I heard my coworkers talking about league once and told them that I thought I would enjoy it, but the person who taught me sucked any possibility of enjoyment out of it. Soon thereafter, I had joined The Flavor Liberators, and we would play frequently after work. They taught me how to play and it became really fun for me. When I wanted to play league, I'd send out a text for it saying "Do you want to liberate some flavors?" and I even have a Siri shortcut that triggers this when I say, "Summon the Flavor Liberators!" The group was myself, Jacob, Bob, James, and Greg. Jacob was about my skill level, while Bob, James, and Greg took on the task of teaching us how to play. Greg had recently turned 18. He had worked at that restaurant for over 2 years as a dishwasher and had dropped out of high school around the time he started. I don't know his full story, but I know that it was just him and his dad. He would put up this wall of being sarcastic and emotionless, but if you were falling behind, he would clean the grill for you, or start frying chips, or get more 1/4 pans out when you weren't looking. He would never take credit for it, and half the time you thought you were so delirious from the long shift that you forgot that you did it yourself. He was everyone's adopted little brother, basically. In the summer, we would take him out fishing and I hosted campfires with s'mores and hotdogs in my backyard since I was close to the restaurant. One day I was giving Greg and James a ride home (they were like 3 blocks from each other and neither had a car), and we were going to meet on league after. I dropped Greg off, then James, and returned home to walk my dog before logging on. When I got back to the apartment, I picked up my phone from the counter to see 6 or 7 missed texts from James--panicked and saying he needed a favor, then devolving into "Don't get on Discord... Will explain later, just don't get on tonight." I thought he was having a family emergency or something. I figured I would talk to him the next day. One hour before the end of my next shift he came in looking awful. He had obviously been crying. James was 22 at the time and he was one of the most thick-skinned people I had ever met. I thought it had to be worse than I had thought if it made him cry this much. He pulled me into the office along with my GM and that's when he told me that Greg committed suicide. When I was walking Atticus, he had logged onto Discord and was in the voice chat with Greg waiting for me to get online, when Greg started saying worrisome things. Greg had a past history of depression. I had talked to him maybe a month prior about how he could always talk to me if he needed, or--if he didn't want to talk to me--he could talk to James because you could just tell he looked up to James like an older brother and absolutely idolized him. Anyway, James wanted to text me so I could call the police and basically he wanted to convince Greg to walk to a pizza shop and get some food, but have me call police so there would be officers waiting how could take him to the hospital to be put on suicide watch. He didn't want to make the call himself, because there was really no way to do this without alerting Greg to the fact that he was trying to get professional help. However, Greg was in a really dark place in those moments and James heard a gunshot. Then Greg wasn't responding to him. He ran to his house, found the door unlocked, and discovered that Greg had shot himself in the head with his fathers gun. His dad worked nights so he wasn't home at the time. That's when he told me not to get on Discord, since the computer was part of a crime scene and couldn't be turned off until the body was moved. So if I were to log on I would have heard the sound of policemen at the scene. It has been just over a year since the incident. Most of us left the restaurant in the months following because it was just really hard without Greg there. But we have got to the point where we can share happy memories instead of just crying when someone mentions his name. So, why am I telling you this? Well, every time I log onto league, I see his username--always grayed out and offline. As weird as it may seem, I am terrified for when that inevitably expires. I don't know how long it takes for an account to be purged due to inactivity, but I imagine he must be getting close. I want a way to preserve his memory somehow here since some of my happiest memories were when he was teaching me league along with Bob and James... Usually as the jungler so he could swoop in and save the day when my lane started falling behind because I was standing in a minion wave or way too close to the enemy team because I didn't have a gauge for these things yet. I was wondering if you could make a champion that has some characteristics of him--maybe his passive grants teammates within range just a little more vision because Greg always brightened everyones day. Or just making a skin for one of his favorite champions, like Warwick. Kind of like Pizza Delivery Sivir, he could be a dishwasher, grill cook, or burrito roller at some capacity. I know Dark Star Cho'Gath donated some money to charity or something for the first week or so of release. I thought maybe this skin could have a similar arrangement with funds going to suicide prevention. I know this is probably an odd request, but I had to give it a shot. It took me a long time to play League after Greg's death, but since I've started again, I find some comfort in his profile still being there. But I know that can't last forever and I just wanted to try to do something to honor him on a game where we have spent so many nights... It won't bring him back, but maybe somewhere he'll be smiling. Thank you for your time!
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