A Fuchsbau (FOOKS-bow; Ger. "fox hole" or "burrow") is a fox-like Wesen that first appeared in "Organ Grinder". Compared to many canid Wesen, Fuchsbaus have a mild woge. They grow long, orange fur, as well as either white or black patches all over their bodies.
Hello Riot Games,im glad that i have the opportunity to communicate with you. I have had some seriously thoughts about new champion. This new champion "history" and "connections" should start or being by the Series "Grimm" in Netflix. This new champion should be a Wesen wich means "follow link",and in someway this champion could, end up into Runeterra as a wesen-vastaya chasen in her life by other Wesens with already a prehistory in Grimm's world as bad fuchsbau for the Wesen world who were chasing her to kill her for her kidness,but the humans help her and accept her different indetity. As a female Fuchsbau she is beautiful,charming and cute but as a champion she is strong enough to destroy midlane or support the bottom lane with her magnificent magic (melee) skills. Thank you for your time,if you are interested about it contact with me at : 1. 2. Hi Im Bi into League of Legends chat for more informations & ideas between us. (EU.NE) Also,make a new skin on Zoe. Greetings from Greece/Athens.
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