Interrogating Risu about her Punches and Plants Comics Collab - COMPLETE


Hey gang today, to celebrate the explosive ending of Risu's Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story we wanted to host a little interview and AMA to talk about the comic, her art, and her love of Zyra. If you have any questions you'd like to ask feel free to comment below and if you haven't read Punches and Plants yet you can check out all 12 pages right here! Now on with show!

When did you start making League fan art and why the heck do you love Zyra so much?

Risu: The first piece of fan art I did for League was for a friend's birthday but I didn't start avidly making fan art until I was in university. During my teenage years, I used to forbid myself from drawing fan art but when I got into the League fandom, I couldn't help myself! There were so many characters I had fallen in love with and I used to make a ton of mini comics about them.

As for Zyra, I can't pretend it was love at first sight, more like love at first click? I picked her up pretty easily during her first release and just grew attached to the strange plant lady. She's a carnivorous plant with sexy legs. I can't think of anything funnier.

Speaking of university, what kind of arts experience do you have?

Risu: I'm a self-taught artist who's been drawing all their life, making up stories and characters, entering contests, drawing comics for school magazines, taking art as a subject in school etc. But I would say I never had any formal training until I went to study animation in university. They taught us a lot of skills and techniques we could implement into our art. It was a technical course however so we didn't really have as many drawing classes as I would've liked.

What's it been like working on Punches and Plants?

Risu: An absolute dream come true! I never imagined I'd be able to write a story about my two favourite characters in the whole game. It's an amazing experience being able to work with my fantastic editor and coming up with ideas together. He's made the whole experience so smooth and easy, so thank you!

Awww thank you... Ahem... Do you have a favorite piece of League art you've done?

Risu: Oh man that's a tough question. There a ton of comics I've done on my Zyra blog that still make me laugh to this day. I think the single drawing I've done with Zyra and the butterflies is my favourite. I spent a long time on it and even though my computer lagged like crazy, it was very relaxing to draw.

Of course, my favourite Punches and Plants drawing has to be moustache Zyra on fire.

There are a ton of talented creators out there, who inspires you?

Risu: Oh boy, I wouldn't be able to name all of them if I tried. One that everyone knows is Suqling. Her art is jaw-dropping and her comics are hilarious, I love her!

To name some more: Jang-gom, Bozrat, Tohdaryl, Babs Tarr, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Yana Bogatch, Bampshi and Yufei.

Most, if not all of these artists have incredible inking skills which I draw a ton of inspiration from as I work.

Anything else you wanna tell us?

Risu: Hope you guys have been enjoying Punches and Plants, thank you for all your great comments and support! Big thank you to my friends that have supported me from the very beginning and along the way. Gotta shout out to all of my favourite peeps from the community who inspired me to be the crazed fanatic I am today too.

Final words: Keep doing your best, remember to take breaks and don't feed!


Risu will be hanging out for a little bit if you want to pick her brain about art, League, Zyra, or anything else you're curious about!

And if you're late or just want to check out more of Risu's awesome artwork you can follow her on all her social media:

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