[JINX SKIN] Firecracker Jinx (Bumped!)

Thought up the idea, then I realized this was made up a long time ago (lol) so I decided to forward/bump this idea to the boards. Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1wggmw/firecracker_jinx_lunar_revel_skin_idea/ Concept art is in the reddit link. This would be a great skin for Jinx and also for the upcoming Lunar event. Note that it'll be the year of the goat in 2015. Personal ideas: - Passive: Don't know, could possibly have mini firecrackers lighting up behind/under her and smoke - Q - Switcheroo! [Fishbones]: As in the picture, it can fire firework rockets and explode similar to Dragonwing Corki's E (Gattling Gun) and make popping sounds - Q - Switcheroo! [Pow-Pow]: Could fire gunpowder-related ammo from her gun, similar popping sounds - W - Zap!: Her gun could fire a lit up flare-like projectile or a small firework rocket - E - Flame Chompers!: A mini fireworks show lighting up above the flame chompers with firecracks popping around - R - Super Mega Death Rocket!: A big firecracker with a big firework explosion :) Post what you think and if you have any other ideas! :-)
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