Zyra changes

Just wanted to share some thoughts I had for Zyra to make her more of thematic with her style of plants gone wild. Feel free to to criticize. So as we all know she has one of the worst passives in the game, maybe THE worst. It's boring and lame. i have a few idea that revolve around a similar concept. Let her regrow (revive) anywhere* on the map. seeing as she is nature, she should be able to grow from it. 1: Pre-determined spots on the map she can regrow from (5 min CD). Base, 5 on her side, maybe 1-2 on the enemies. 2: Let her place pods down( 2 min cd) with a separate mechanic (kindred) that she uses, then they shrivel Can we change her walk animation to something similar to Lissandras? Like have Vines move her around, she is nature, no need to actually walk. I feel like the seed mechanic is nice, but what about if after she uses her two abilities, they just spawn the little turrets, and the seeds turn into little DoT traps. I want to use the giant death turret that she has now, since it's a cool model. Maybe she could someway entangle friendly turrets to look like that for some a temp damage boost. So what do you all think?

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