[Community Activity] League Champs FUSED! Make your requests here! FREE AND FUN!

League Champs FUSED!
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Name any two champs you want to see fused and drawn. I'm combining them all! So far we've done Teemo+Blitz Vi+Urgot Sion+Ahri If you like what I'm doing, gimmie a thumbs up! Upvote your favourite suggestions or make your own below! My twitch is 'TheKingofEloHell' if you want to watch me draw live. Thanks for your support guys! EDIT: Got a request on stream for DRAAAAAVEN and LULU. I present to you: DRUUUUUUUUUULU! https://imgur.com/gallery/PrxLtH0 Karthus + Ezreal is next Ezarth: https://imgur.com/gallery/OuTDpkG
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