Some custom made emotes #3

I'm back again, posting some emotes for y'all. I kept a lot of the advice from the previous two posts in mind while making these new emotes. Finished some requests, too! :) I tried to make most of these emotes less BM educing by using self-deprecating humor and emotions people feel in certain events that many people can relate to. I also avoided using text. Hope you like em', guys. --- Okay, this one is a bit BM. But the feeling when you get that fade away kill with your ult is just awesome. Requested by: ItsTragicYouKnow --- Cute. That's all I can really say. Requested by: Ionian Vulpix --- ***"WOAH THERE, FRIEND."*** --- I'd see people using this emote when all their saplings die, without even getting to explode someone's face off. The remaining saplings even brought flowers :( --- You know that feeling. That feeling when you're Zac and there's that one bloblet left, panicking to revive you while you cross your fingers and clench your butt cheeks praying that it won't die. --- Some champions have swords, some have the ability to one shot people no matter what. Aurelion has a safe space to hopefully fend off assassins and other champs. And no, not in the SJW way. ######Heh.. Safe SPACE. Heheh.. Requested by: Itsbeghdev --- It's a dead Shyvana face. That's it. Requested by: RizHippoKhan --- Veigar about to ult. Requested by: Sad Tyrant --- So what'd you think? Leave a comment or upvote if you'd like. I'm open to any requests, too. Just try to not make it too BM. --- Here are the other emote posts, if you'd like to check them out. Some custom made emotes #1: Some custom made emotes #2: #4 (NEW):
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