The Mischievous Adventures part 396

(Day 4) {{champion:61}}: "Are you sure this is safe?" {{champion:115}}: "Of course it is, now hand some more gunpowder will ya." {{champion:68}}: "So how big is this going to be?" {{champion:115}}: "Honestly I don't know, I just know it's going to be huge!!!" {{champion:81}}: "Well if it gives us a decent firework show, I'm down." {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}}: "Us too!" {{champion:163}}: "Um question, is there going to be shaped fireworks?" {{champion:115}}: "Hm...yeah, roughly around seven." {{champion:90}}: "How many are you making anyway?" {{champion:115}}: "Hehe, a lot. Now with the finishing touches, it's time for these light up the night! Who wants to do the honors?" {{champion:99}}: "Well Ekko should obviously-" {{champion:115}}: "Too late, doing it anyway!" *Lights fireworks and they light up the sky* {{champion:150}}: "Ruff!" {{champion:96}}: "Bark!" {{champion:61}}: "Haha, well you two seem to enjoy it." {{champion:113}}: "That or they're trying to burst out our eardrums with the fireworks." {{champion:90}}: "Yep, I agree." {{champion:99}}: "But even with the loud noise, I got to admit this is awesome." {{champion:115}}: "Haha! You know it is! Now want me to make forty more?" {{champion:245}}: "You made forty!?" {{champion:99}}: "Huh, well I guess we're going to be here for awhile then." {{champion:92}}: "Great, can't wait to have a epilepsy seizure." {{champion:115}}: "A fun epilepsy seizure. But if you don't want to risk it, I got sunglasses." {{champion:39}}: "Wait, why didn't you give them to us at the beginning!?" {{champion:115}}: "We're the fun in that?"

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