A Corporate Matter 12/31/2018

#A Corporate Carol Two {{champion:64}} "Woo, another night alone." _"Pours himself a drink."_ {{champion:40}} "Hey, I'm still here!" {{champion:64}} "Yeah, but you're going to clock out in a minute when your shift ends." {{champion:40}} "Oh yeah, I guess you are going to have another lonely night." {{champion:64}} "Mhmmm." {{champion:40}} "Why don't you go get smashed at a bar or something like you usually do?" {{champion:64}} "That's not even fun anymore. I'm just gonna stay here, have a nice drink and get some extra work done. Balance is a mess right now and I can't seem to get it under control. If I don't do something Mundo is going to fire me." {{champion:40}} "That sounds great. I'm leaving now." _"Floats out the door."_ {{champion:64}} "Goodnight." _**A couple hours later, Corporate Lee Sin has drunk the whole bottle and passed out at his desk:**_ {{item:3084}} "Wake up.... Waaaaaaaaake uuuuuuup......" {{champion:64}} _"Snoring."_ {{item:3084}} **"WAKE UP!"** {{champion:64}} **"AHHHHHH!"** _"Falls back out of chair."_ {{item:3084}} "Are you awake?" {{champion:64}} **"WHAT DO YOU WANT, MIGHTY TALKING FLOATING CHEST-PLATE?"** {{item:3084}} "I am the ghost of Snowdown past. I am here to teach you the error of your ways." {{champion:64}} "Wait, chest-plates get ghosts? I thought you had to be alive at some point to get a ghost. Unless you were a talking chest-plate in life as well." {{item:3084}} _"Sight."_ "This isn't important, but if you must know. I was once a great overlord. But I was betrayed and killed by my own servants. My spirit contained in this bloodmail. For a time I was used as a powerful armor for many champions. But I was destroyed and forgotten." {{champion:64}} "Oh, I remember something Mundo said about ghosts last year. But aren't you supposed to have someone announce your arrival?" {{item:3084}} "Normally, yeah. but he quit on short notice and we weren't able to find a new one in time. Why am I telling you all this, I'm here to do a mission and you are wasting our very limited time. Let's go." _"Flys onto Corporate Lee Sin."_ {{champion:64}} "Oh Rito." {{item:3084}} "I love this part." _"Whoosh."_ _**They travel through space and time to a rundown house with loud shouting inside.**_ {{item:3084}} "Do you know where we are?" {{champion:64}} "No I don't. Wait, it is a little familiar. This is the home I lived in when I was a little kid. But, they tore this place down years ago." {{item:3084}} "No, it won't be torn down for years." {{champion:64}} "You've taken me back in time, to a night when I was a boy." {{item:3084}} "Yes, but this is no ordinary night. Do you know what makes it special?" _"He asks while a man storms out of the house and walks right past them."_ {{champion:64}} "Yes, that was my dad. He and my mom would fight all the time, often very loudly. But this was the last time, tonight was when he left us and I never saw him again. I was seven." {{item:3084}} "Yes, from that point on your mom had a revolving door of boyfriends. Most of them treated her terribly. You never learned how a real relationship was supposed to work." {{champion:64}} "Why are you showing me this?" {{item:3084}} "You have a problem, and you can never fix it if you don't know where it came from. Now that you do, I will take you back." _**Whoosh:**_ {{item:3084}} "My work here is done, be ready for the next ghost." _"Fades away."_ {{champion:64}} "Oh Rito, I don't think I can take another one." {{champion:518}} "Well, you better buck up. Cause the ghost of Snowdown Present is here." {{champion:64}} "Okay, why do you have to look like that annoying chameleon." {{champion:518}} "I am the embodiment of the present state of the rift." {{champion:64}} "Why are you all messing with me? I thought you were just supposed to mess with the mean old rich. Those who have more money than they will ever need but still don't spend help anyone and are mean to everyone. If I'm being honest, I barely get paid enough here to support myself and there are tons of bigger jerks than me." {{champion:518}} "You think that all we do. There are only so many greedy meanies in the world. No, we help those who have hurt Sho'ma. Right now, that is you. But you are wasting time, we do not have a lot." {{champion:64}} "Then go ahead and take me to wherever." {{champion:518}} "Yay, let's go!" _"Grabs his arm."_ _**Whoosh:**_ {{champion:92}} "Here's to another great night." _"Toasts the air and downs her drink."_ {{champion:64}} "Is that?" {{champion:518}} "Your Ex-wife, yes it is." {{champion:92}} "My life sucks." _"Throws the glass behind her and starts drinking straight from the bottle."_ {{champion:64}} "Riven no, you're amazing, you shouldn't be sad." {{champion:518}} "She can't hear you. But, she is just as lonely as you are." {{champion:64}} "Seeing her like this is terrible, what can I do?" {{champion:518}} "You can try again." {{champion:64}} "What, ask her out? She will never forgive me for everything. And we will never work out as a couple again." {{champion:518}} "Maybe, maybe not. You are both sad and alone. And until you learn to open your heart, you will never be happy. That is all I can show you." _**Whoosh:**_ {{champion:518}} "I hope you learn the lesson here. I must leave." _"Fades away."_ {{champion:64}} "Man, this night really sucks." {{champion:82}} **"HELLO, I AM THE GHOST OF SNOWDOWN FUTURE!"** {{champion:64}} "AH! Why are you Mordekaiser?" {{champion:82}} "Because, in the future I get a rework that is both heavy, and metal!" {{champion:64}} "Alright. I don't see the correlation there but fine." {{champion:82}} "It doesn't matter. I just have to- Wait, I'm just about out of time. What the hell took those other ghosts so long." {{champion:64}} "I have a tendency to draw things out." {{champion:82}} "Well, now I don't have enough time to show you your future and teach you your lesson. Basically, the immense stress and loneliness gets to you and you drink yourself to death. Dying sad and alone. So, call your ex-wife and prevent that terrible future. That's all the time I have." _"Fades away."_ {{champion:64}} "Well, this night is much weirder than I thought it would be. Stupid ghosts. she would never want to talk to me again. There's no way. But, maybe I should listen to them. It's not like I can make things worse." _"Picks up cellphone."_

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