Lucian and Senna

O.K.... Hear me out... MULTI-VERSE! Think of a universe where LUCIAN was taken by Thresh instead of Senna! THAT'S THE SKIN! Senna was the one searching for Lucian all this time. Lucian is the one that escapes the lantern! The skin would give lucian the green flare that Senna currently has where Senna would look like a normal human and her gun would have the Blue/Yello flare that lucian has. BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE! QUOTES WILL BE SWAPPED!!! you know how Senna sometimes say: "That monster, wants to hear me scream, he cant wait" and how Lucian says: "You took the better half of me Thresh" well this skin would offer swapping these quotes (but not necessary the exact same) where Senna quotes would be targeted toward thresh for taking Lucian and Lucian quotes would express Thresh torment. Skin price: 1850 since it changes look + quotes What y'all think?
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