Svalder, the Glittering Keeper

**Role: **Support, AP Caster Inspiration: Im a massive norse mythology and vikings culture enthusiast and I think I impregnated this into Svalder. The god Heimdall is also a reference. Also, im the kind of player that wards a lot and I think vision should be more used when talking about champion mechanic. As for the wards mechanics, inspiration came from the drones in Rainbow Six Siege, I really find this part interesting for a support player to use vision like this and be able to make plays with it. **General Design Philosophy:** Svalder is there to fullfill the ''totemic shaman'' champion that players wanted. He have a lot of new mechanics in his kit that can be tricky and challenging to masterize but highly rewarding, when a player is able to understand what he can do with it. He is mainly an enchanter that provide tools to peel the carry since he have some sort of crowd control and healing. He is not flashy character but there is a lot of ways to use his kit to mindblow ennemies players. **Risk Analysis:** High. A lot of new mechanics and his main one can be a little bit hard to understand. Need some time of playing to become better with him and make him effective. **Appereance: **A freljordian demigod that is an humanoid old moose. He wears shamanic clothes and he have many runic tattoos. As a weapon he use a staff with glowing crystals incrusted in it. He is amnesic and can't barely remember who he is. However, he has a joyful nature, yet, he say things that mean nothing or see things that no one can't see. Several of his voicelines are in old freljordian since he have this amnesiac problem and he is not that much known in Freljord, he is more like an old legend and no one as ever dedicated a cult to him. **Lore:** Missing for now but I have a general idea. **Strenghts:** New tools to use, safe poke, can create a lot of trickery, synergize well with invading junglers, vision scouting. **Weaknesses:** High skill ceilling, use of wards dependent, squishy, can cause problems for teamates while clumsily cast a certain ability. **Plays Most Like:** {{champion:432}} {{champion:117}} **Auto Attack: **Svalder uses range magic attack from his staff. **Passive - Totemic Communion: **Svalder is able to move wards by himself. He can target a ward he placed or an ally ward and move it to scout the field over the next 6 seconds. After the 6 seconds, the control is lost and the ward stay where it was at the end. To proceed, Svalder need to double click on the ward, he will then not be able to move while controlling it, entering a trance that work like a channeling. There is no radius so Svalder can choose a ward anywhere in the map. It's a 50 seconds cooldown. The moving ward still give vision when doing so. The ward can be targetable and destroyed by enemies. Svalder uses wards as a spell source, this mean he can cast spells from where they are but he needs to be in a certain range from it, excepted when he is in control of one, in this case he doesn't needs to be in the radius of this ward to cast a spell from it as a source of the ability. At the start of the game, Svalder starts with a special trinket, Bjelthi, his personal totem, it works essentially like a Warding Totems but there is no cooldown between the first and the second totems placed and has 4 health instead of 3. **Design Philosophy: **The main idea behind this, was to make wards the central point of the champion abilities. Warding is an integral part of the game and not many champion constantly interact with wards, other than placing them ( Lee Sin, Jax and Elise mostly). Wards can also be a good alternative for totems with the shaman archetype. **Q - Primal Blast:** Svalder fires a blast towards the target point, dealing magic damage. He can shoots three of them consecutively, the damage is amplified by each blasts landing on a target. It slow the target for 3 seconds if more than one blast land. If more than one ward is used to fire the blast and two of them land, it stun instead. **Design Philosophy:** Its the main ability of Svalder and with three blasts he can uses it from different angles with wards as a source of casting point. Since the wards are invisible, with good placements he will be able to make some unexpected attacks in any lanes or for any contests of objectives. In itself, its a similar ability to Lulu's Q. **W - Astral Form:** Svalder sends himself, an ally or an enemy in the astral plane. The target become invulnerable but can't auto-atatck nor use abilities, it give also a movement speed bonus. It's a short period of time and the cooldown is important. After a 0.6 second delay, Svalder makes the target area impregnated by the astral plane, the champion in the highest center of the zone is affected by Astral Form. **Design Philosophy:** I think it can be an interesting mechanic in the game since it can be used as multiples ways. You can use it to safe ally from dying or from burst of the enemy, you can use it on yourself in the same manner too, you can use it to nullify and enemy carry for a short period of time and you can also use it as en engage tool for your frontline to enter the fight and make them reach the enemy backline without absorbing damage. The spell work like the Brand's W but with a tinier zone, so the enemies have a chance to react and can dodge it. **E - Cure of Gyrnan: **Svalders casts a heal on an ally or himself, if a ward is in the area, a link will be created and it will provide a heal for an other ally. For each link that is created, a heal will go on an ally. **Design Philosophy**: Work like an healing chain and it synergize well with the ward mechanic of Svalder. Many times in a game we will see wards placed around objectives so it make Svalder to be a great asset for his team when contesting these objectives. **R - Interchange:** Svalder interchanges place with a selected ally in target range of 4000 (augmenting with levels). Additionally, the ally that change place with him receive a shield. **Design Philosophy**: I wanted to incorporate a synergy with his W. Svalder can use his W to go in the fight and use his ultimate after to change place with an ally that is more of a bruiser. Since Svalder can cast spells from his wards, he doesn't need to be in the front and can use that kind of ultimate as his advantage to change the course of the battle ! It seems for me it can be really good in pro plays but hated elsewhere because of the trolling potential. No image for now for Svalder but someone is suppose to make one for me since im not good a drawing. I will provide you with a lore in the future. Its the first champion concept I post on the forum but I had many concepts ideations since my beginning playing League. English is not my mother language so sorry in advance and be kind to Palnatoke ! ;)
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