A new Void Champion

Hello Summoners! It's been ages since the last release of a Void creature as a champion, currently we have: {{champion:31}} Which is a tank {{champion:121}} Assasin {{champion:96}} Marksman {{champion:161}} Mage {{champion:421}} Fighter Can you guess wich role is missing from the list? Support. We don't have a Void Creature which works as a support; and yes I can already hear you saying: "Uhh but {{champion:161}} can and is played as a support", but you know that his main roll is as a Mage. Keeping up with the idea of a Void Creature Support is quite hard I'll give that to Riot, VoidCs' (Void Creatures) are in fact selfish beings {{champion:31}} Wants to consume everything, {{champion:121}} wants to become the best hunter by killing (And consuming) creatures from this realm, {{champion:161}} wants to deconstruct and learn about every creature he finds, just to mention some examples. All of this is to bring knowledge about this world to the Void "God" (?) So balancing the VoidCs' selfishness with the role of the support is quite hard, so here is the concept: A VoidC which is a swarm of parasites. *BOOM* A parasite in fact balances this concept perfectly: ✓Selfish ✓Insect like (For Void looks) ✓Parasites in fact try to extend their hosts life to get more "use" out of them Following this idea I tried to make a champion with this concept and this is what I have, feel free to comment about it: *No name yet* (~~Ahe'Gao~~ maybe? ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Looks: A rotting corpse or a sickened creature with a clear parasitic infestacion with a bigger parasite over its head (This is the hive mind) 550 range and shoots eggs Passive: Swarm 300s Passively large monster, large minions and champions (Small minions might leave a corpse) leave their dead bodies after death (They already do but now they'll last longer) *Champion Name* will feast on corpses to regain health an mana. After death *Champion Name* will become untargetable for 10/12/15 and loose any passive effects from her items, while in this state *Champion name* can move arround, has no unit collision and can take control over a weakened Champion or Large monster deling the final blow, revivning and healing for 60% of the targets max health (Halved for monsters) Q: Parasitivism 1s between casts 5/4.5/4 per stack 5 stack max Cost: 7% of current health Passive: Every time *Champ* consumes a corpse, she gains 1 stack of Parasitivism (Tripled against champions and large monsters), can overcap to a max of 10/12/15/19/25 (The the cooldown works untill you reach 5 stacks) Active: *Champ* shoots a parasite in a liniar skillshot untill it hits an ally or an enemy, latching on to him and: On ally: Healing 30/55/90/115/150 (+ 80% AP) over 5s up to 4/8/12/16/20 parasites On enemy: Dealing 3/6/9/12/15 (+ 10% AP) magic damage over 5s up to 4/8/12/16/20 parasites On floor: The parasite will stay still untill picked up again, in range of an enemy/ally champion or untill it dies out after 4 minutes; If near a target they will channel and then leaps to latch to it's target, if stepped on by a enemy while channeling the parasite will die. If picked up they will reffund half of its cost deppending on *Champ* health at the moment it was casted W: Sacrifice 10s Target Range: 650 Cost:50/60/70/80/90 MANA Passive: Parasites latched to champions die once at a time upon being autoataked by another champion who is not *champ* Ally: Reduces incoming damage by 11% Enemy: Deals 5-39 (based on level) (+10% AP) magic damage Active: The parasites sacrifice themselves to heal/damage instantly the amount they were supposed to do -20% for healing -35% for damaging; and boosting/reducing the taget's movement speed by 7/10/13/16/19% (+3% per 100 AP) the effectiveness being reduced the more parasites were sacrificed After that the champion becomes "Unhostable" for 4 seconds E: Colonize 15/14/13/12/10s Target Range: 975 Speed: 1600 COST: 70 MANA and 10% of current health *Champ* shoots a mind controling parasite with 150-335(based on level)(+ 25% maximum health) untill it colides with an enemy dealing 10% of the enemy's max health over 4s and taking over that champions will for 4s quicky loosing health, enemies attacking a mind controlled champion reduces the parasite's health, when the parasite dies the mind control gets interrupted and the host becomes "Unhosteable" for 4 seconds The Mind Controling Parasite (MCP) also takes half of Parasitivism and Sacrifice effects (This part is catchy, when the MCP takes control over a champion with Parasites on him, she will consume the parasites on that champion to reduce the incoming damage by 5.5%, the parasites will heal the MCP by 50% of their efectiveness but also will deal the other 50% as damage to the main host and using Sacifice will work the same) (Works as if it became Mordekaiser's ult, being able to autoatack *champ*'s enemies and moving arround) R: *Still no name* 120/110/100s Effect Radius: 825 Angle: 60° Cost: 10 mana per parasite and 30% of current health or 300 if under that ammount over the duration *Champ* roots herself, channels for 3 seconds and triplicates Parasitivism stacks consuming all the stacks and unleashing all the parasites over a cone over the next 5 seconds spreading them evenly over all the allied and enemy champions in the area while at this state she is able to rotate the cone arround and move, any champions thadie while *R* is being casted will be instantly consumed extending the duration by 1 second and giving 5 times the amount of parasites, if *R* is cancelled you get back 1.6% of the remaining stacks of Parasitivism. Wow, that was hella' lot of reading, Jesus, feel free to give any opinions you might have, its just a wild idea I got sometime ago, I know it might need some changes here and there but I feel she has a lot of potencial (Yes also its a "She", she would be the 2nd femenine VoidC) Thank you for reading! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} -GG
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