Kidnapping jungler concept

I wanted to make a concept for a champion that stalks and kidnaps enemies and brings them to a secluded location to kill them. With a kit that really makes the enemy feel like they're being watched. Passive - watching from affar. This passive has 2 parts but they both play hand in hand Part 1 - Pick and Choose Pick a target at the start of the match. Non target champions cannot be harmed by the stalker. The target takes 10% more damage from the stalker and the stalker takes 10% less damage from the target. Targets can be changed after the prior target has been killed by the stalker. The stalker moves 20% faster when moving away from non targets. The stalker is camouflaged from non targets. Part 2 - Don't Interrupt Entering the vision of a ward instantly stealths the stalker for 3 seconds while giving an audio queue to nearby enemies. Coming into direct contact with the ward kills it instantly while revealing the stalker for 2 seconds. Attacking during stealth also reveals the stalker for 2 seconds. Q - Knock Out Cooldown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 seconds The stalker pulls out a large maul and dashes forward 200 units before dealing damage and dazing enemies for 2 seconds. dazed enemies randomly move left and right over the duration. If the enemy has "Put This On" applied they are instead stunned for 1 second. W - "Put This On" Cooldown - 30, 25, 20, 20, 20 seconds Puts a bag over the head of the enemy hit. Removing their ability to see the minimap and empowering the stalkers abilities. Works on non targets. "Put This On" is active for 10 seconds. E - Freakish Nature Cooldown - 20, 18, 17, 16, 14 seconds The stalker fuels his desire to kill. Talking to himself to psyche him up about killing his target. After a 2 second channel the stalker yells out in joy. Revealing himself for 1 second while gaining 35% movement speed while moving towards his target. Enemies hit by "Put This On" can take damage from the stalker while Freakish Nature and "Put This On" is active. The first enemy hit takes 10% bonus damage as a dot. R - "This One Is Mine" Cooldown - 120 seconds at all ranks Grabs a target and drags them for 5 seconds. The stalker is slowed when moving towards allies by 60%. enemies who hit the stalker during this ability also deal 25% damage to the target being dragged. If the target hit is effected by "Put This On", both the stalker and the target hit are stealthed to both teams and dont show up on the minimap for 10 seconds. The stalker cannot step into tower range while this ability is active. My hands hurt.
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