Moki: The Fey King

Run Down: Moki is a AP Support/Assassin who can heal allies or decimate enemies with a variety of methods. He can only choose between supporting or being an assassin but does exceptionally well in ether one >Backstory: The bard looked at his sheet of paper with what looks like an attempt at musical writing and sighs "I'm not sure what happened but he asked me to do this." The bard had entered the forest looking for inspiration but came upon something different; very, very, different. At first he saw what looked like a fairy zoom by, then 10 more, then 20 more, then 40, then 80, then 160, just so many fairies. He followed this amazing site all until he came upon an amazingly strange figure. The figure looked at the bard and smiled "You are a bard right, you sing songs about people and places right?" The bard went from enchanted to cautious the moment he asked that. "Yes, I am a bard, but why is that important?" His response was met with a smile and a child's laugh "Let's play, If you can beat me at a game of Super Tag, I'll inspire you" suddenly the bard felt a surge of speed and joy as he spent some time chasing the fairies, he felt young again. When he caught everyone he asked the creature "What an interesting game, I loved it, do you have any others" The creature smiled "Plenty" what felt like hours became day's and the bard went form joy to panic "Oh, dear I'm going to be late and I have no song" the creature smiled without a single worry "The time you spent with me was fun, so as I promised I have some I have some inspiration for you." The bard was confused "But I can't write..." in that moment the bard felt a surge of joy fill him, colors of purple green and whimsical noises filled his mind and when he woke up he was back where he was before he followed the fairies. The only differences was the song paper and a note that said "I need to get out more, sing this song you wrote for me please. Moki" The bard decided to listen to the note, he never made so much money in one night. "Joy is sugar meeting music and having fun together and then getting struck by lightning and finally deciding to play Super Tag after words" Moki, on Joy **Physical Description**: A purple Fox-Rabbit Hybrid the Size of Bristle with a Crown of Flowers when playing defensively, and a Crown of Butterflies when Playing Aggressively. Imagine this, but Purple. Credit goes to Don-Pachi from Deviant Art **Mental Description**: Childish, Whimsical, and Soft Hearted. He always looks at things like a game. **Voice**: Cheery and Innocent British Child **Base Stats** HP: 500 (+20) MP: 200 (+35) HP Regen: 7.5 (+.78) MP Regen: 3.1 (+.89) AD: 50 Armor: 27.2 AR: **(A)** 180 **(D)** 340 MR: 30 MS: 335 **Abilities** **Passive: How to play?**: At the beginning of the game Moki chooses how he will play with everyone, Their are two choices. You can change this anytime in the game while you are at the fountain by clicking on the button on the Top left of the portrait but it will reset your skill point distribution. If you switch to a previously used form, you only reset the skill points you got from leveling that you did not use on this form. Aggressive mode button has a butterfly and the defensive mode has a flower. **Play Aggressive**: (A) Like a game of super tag Moki will use his magic to capture his opponents (killing them is just a small side effect :3) and he will have more aggressive abilities. His passive will then become, **Ready or not** in which he will gain 10% movement speed when heading towards a visible weak opponent. **Play Defensive**: (D) Like playing Capture the Moto Leaf you need to guard your allies like they were your Moto Leaf. Your abilities are now more defensive and will help and heal allies, Your passive will also become **Play it Safe** in which Moki's allies will gain 5% Movement Speed when running towards Moki and when near him gain 20% MR and Armor when at 30% health. **Q: (A) Fey Magic Missile**: Moki Fire's a Missile made of pure Fey Magic in a straight Line dealing 70/80/90/100/110 (+.55 AP) Magic Damage to all enemies hit and slowing them by 15% (Range: 570 Long, 90 wide). The damage will drop by 5% up to a cap of 20% for each enemy unit it passes through. You gain 1 charge every 5 seconds, and can gain up to 3/4/5/6/7 charges total. **Cost**: 30/25/40/45/50 Mana, Cooldown: 10 sec/10 sec/9 sec/9 sec/8 sec, 4/4/3/3/2 sec between charges **(D) Nurturing Growth**: Target Ally Champion is restored by 50/70/90/110/130 Health and 20/35/50/65/80 Mana every second (+.35 AP) for 2/2/3/3/4 seconds. If the Target is at 30% or less health, then half of the total healing will be transferred into a shield. **Cost**:120/150/180/210/240 Mana, Cooldown: 20 sec/19 sec/18 sec/17 sec/16 sec **W: (A) Glitter Dash**: Dash in a target direction (Skillshot Range: 390 Long,150 Wide) Marking all enemy units you pass through with Glitter Beacon for 5 seconds. Enemy units marked with Glitter Beacon are revealed will take an Additional 30/40/50/60/70 (+.45 AD, .75 AP) Magic Damage and give Moki an additional 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% Attack Speed for 2 seconds that resets on every auto attack. Jungle Creeps will take double the damage. Killing an enemy unit marked with Glitter Beacon will refresh Glitter Dash's Cooldown **Cost**: 80/120/140/150/160 **Cooldown**: 12/11/10/9/8 sec **(D) Thought Surge**: Moki can Target an ally or enemy champion with this spell (Range: 520) creating a Tether between the two (Range: 900), after 2 seconds the tether will break, proving one of these effects, if broken early nothing will happen. Target ally have their next ability cost only half as much and will gain a 5%/6%/7%/8%/10% MS buff for 5 seconds. Target enemy champion will be silenced for 2/2/2.5/2.5/3 seconds and have their next ability cast cost twice as much. If a target ally champion is at 30% or less health, there next spell will be free instead. **Cost**: 90/100/100/120/130, **Cooldown**: 16/15/14/13/12 sec **E: (A) Sparkly Claws**: Passive: 15%/20%/25%/30%/35% of Moki's AP is added to Auto-Attacks Active: Moki Swipes in a Wide Ark (Range: 110 long, 420 Wide) dealing 90/110/140/170/210 (+1 AD, +.55 AP) Magic Damage to all units in range. Enemy units marked with Glitter Beacon are slowed by 20% for 3 seconds, Enemy units slowed by Fey Magic Missile will lose 10%/12%/14%/16%/20% of their MR and Armour **Cost**: 100/125/140/145/150, **Cooldown**: 11 sec/11 sec/10 sec/ 10 sec/ 9 sec **(D) Overgrowth**: Moki creates a large Wall of Vines and Roots (Size: 460/490/520/550/580). that lasts for 5 seconds. If the Wall reaches from one point of Terrain to another, the enemy will lose vision of anything within 500 units behind the wall (This point will be shown before casting). The wall will last an additional .5 seconds for every nearby (Range:260) ally champion at 30% or less health **Cost**: 80/120/150/170/190, **Cooldown**: 15 sec/13 sec/11 sec/9 sec/7 sec **R: (A) Pixie Swarm**: Moki Summons a Large Swarm of Fairies to attack the nearest enemy champion (Range: 900), dealing 200/300/400 (+.65 AP) Damage over 5 seconds while Slowing them by 50% and reducing their Armour by 30%/35%/40% for the duration. If the Target is Marked with Glitter Beacon, you will also restore health equal 15%/18%/21% of the Damage you deal. If the Target was slowed by Fey Magic Missile they will lose 10%/15%/20% of their MR. **Cost**: 170/270/370 Mana, **Cooldown**: 200 sec/170 sec/140 sec **(D): Field of Fortune**: Create a Magical Field around Moki that lasts 8 seconds or until Moki dies increasing the Armor and MR of all other allied champions in the field (Range: 755) by 40%/50%/60% and gives allied champions a bonus 100 gold on kills. And if their at 30% or less health while in range of the effect they will Regenerate 20%/25%/30% of their Max HP and MP for the duration. **Cost**: 330/430/530 Mana, **Cooldown**: 150 sec/120 sec/90 sec **Animations** **When Chosen**: Hello, what do you want to play? **Walking**: Skipping jollily "Lalalalaaaa" "Ready or not, here I come" "What a lovely scenery" **Laughing**: Giggles while holding one of his paws up to his mouth **Taunt**: Crouches down and wags his tail "That was fun." "Would you like to play again?" (singing) "I win, I win, you lose, you lose" **Joke**: Tries to stand but falls on his back after a few seconds only to roll over "Look at me, I'm grown up, I have to be responsi-gah!, oh pooy" "Hey look at me, look at me- ouch, oh never mind..." "I can see everything, whoops, now I can't" **Dance**: Sits and swings his tail in a rhythmic fashion to one of these three songs. "Queens, Bicycle Race" " Theory of a Deadman, Neverland" " The Lovin Spoonful, Do you Believe in Magic" **Death**: Falls over, then he curls up into a sleeping position before dissipating into hundreds of purple dots that fly away "Good night" "Yaaaawwwwn" "I was just Tiered, I'll play again later" **Special Champion Interactions** {{champion:45}}: Taunt: "Lulu told me all about you" "Oooh, so scary." Joke: "If you do anything to hurt Lulu I will- Woah... do that to you" {{champion:117}}: Taunt: "Nice to see you, you wanna play?" "I'm still the master here." Joke: "So, hugified any boy's lately- WAH! Never mind... {{champion:1}}: Taunt: "I fear no bear no matter how flaming it is!" "You don't play with Matches, Just yourself." {{champion:119}}: Joke: " it's Draven! Can I have your Autograph?" "Fi-nish him, Fi-nish him; Yipe, please don't tell me I missed it again..." {{champion:32}}: Taunt: (Ally): "You don't have a friend, Ok then I'll be your friend." "Forever is not impossible for me." (Enemy): "I'll be your friend after were done playing" {{champion:150}}: Taunt: "Demalgia, such a fun word to say." "Aaaaaaw, it's so cute, you know my name" {{champion:33}}: Taunt: "Ok" **Special Item interactions** {{item:3115}}: "Cool, more teeth for my teeth" "Are you fure bats Nafurs..." {{item:3102}}: "The Power of Banshee compels you!" "Your magic can't stop me now." {{item:1001}}: "But I don't like the color" "I don't even need shoes!" {{item:3020}}: "Oooooooh" "I didn't need those shoes, but these are different" If he bought them without buying the normal boots first "I love them" {{item:3710}}, {{item:3718}}, {{item:3722}}, or {{item:3726}}: "Oh may gosh, a wolf buddy, yay!" when Sated "An even purpler shadow attacking with me?, I love it" **Bonus**: [Mu- The Hallow Death](
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