The Mischievous Adventures part 377

(Meanwhile) {{champion:145}}: "Hey Dad, how's Malzahar driving going?" {{champion:38}}: "He's actually really good. Great at parking, got the head lights on the first try, smooth turns, he's got it." {{champion:145}}: "Wait really? I have to go see this for myself." {{champion:38}}: "Yeah, well this could be contributed to yours truly." {{champion:145}}: "I find that hard to believe dad." {{champion:38}}: "Oh? But who taught you how to drive so well?" {{champion:145}}: "....You..." {{champion:38}}: "And who's teaching Malzahar to be a pro?" {{champion:145}}: "You dad." {{champion:38}}: "Haha, yep. Now if I play my CARds right, Malaz should get his lincense in no time." {{champion:145}}: "Did...did you really just make that car joke?" {{champion:38}}: "Yeah, who wouldn't?" {{champion:145}}: "Only you apparently."
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