A Skinline I Would Love To See Expanded

So, by the title, I would love to see is the gem line? There is no official name for the skinline. I checked. It would be a line that features skins like Amethyst {{champion:22}} and Emerald {{champion:44}}. They would be a part of Elderwood skinline (as per the bio on Emerald Taric) I have some ideas for the line. As per usual, the line will have a skin for my main. We currently have Amethyst and Emerald. I have an idea for Garnet, Aquamarine, Diamond, Pearl/Moonstone, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Citrine, and Blue Topaz / Turquoise. Garnet {{champion:86}} - A knight from the Garnet Chapel. Diamond {{champion:39}} - A warrior priestess from the Diamond Chapel. Moonstone {{champion:131}} - A member of the Moonstone Chapel. One of the higher ups and one of the religious warriors. Aquamarine {{champion:90}} - A mage from the Aquamarine Chapel. He went crazy and attempts to spread the teachings his own way. Ruby {{champion:8}} - A high priest from the Ruby Chapel. Peridot {{champion:81}} - I have no clue honestly. A mage from the Peridot Chapel? Sapphire {{champion:127}} - Crazed Priestess. Opal {{champion:99}} - Powerful mage learning to become a priestess. (When I looked at a wiki picture of Opal it looks so much like a prism) Citrine {{champion:163}} - Nomadic Priestess who travels around spreading the teachings of the Citrine Chapel. Finally, my main, Turquoise {{champion:21}} - An elite bounty hunter under employment of the Turquoise chapel to eliminate threats to the chapel. I actually found a picture that I liked of a possible Turquoise Miss Fortune. It is Fredik Hagg's Victorious Miss Fortune on [artstation](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o). Here is the picture: https://imgur.com/a7K8Fyj I also like the idea of a blue Miss Fortune since a majority of her Epic skins try to feature a fiery texture for her. (I mean, she is the RED Star Guardian). Seeing a different color is nice. :) Just a note, some champions were chosen just because of popularity and because I like them. I could see {{champion:101}} as one of them, but I personally don't like him, so I didn't include him. Sorry :C I'd love to hear feedback. If you care curious about what these stones look like, here is a link: https://www.wixonjewelers.com/education-type/birthstones/
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