Which character do you want us to make?

Which character do you want us to make?
Vote Now! [Shuriman Assassin] [Void Tank] [Freljordian (Watcher) Juggernaut]
Hello, me and my friend decided that we are going to "create" a champion and we wanted your guy's thoughts. We will make a 3d model, animations, splash art, and all the stuff that would come from a normal champion release for whatever concept is picked. now for a brief summery of all their different kits Shuriman assassin: can dash a total of 2000 units between all of his abilities and can inflict blindness (the good kind like Quinn and Graves, not like teemo) void tank: can place his own void rift that he can respawn from and has a shell that slowly hardens over time Watcher: has a change to dodge the first incoming attack depending on kills and has no way to heal (unlike every other juggernaut) vote for the one you want to win and we will pick the one with the most votes
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