S.G. Soraka iso kawaii..!

Rito please put her flapping wings on her passive when she's running towards her low HP allies and her familiar (I don't really know whats its name is, but it looks like Wukong and Soraka had a child.) can you add her familiar to follow her around the map like come on Rito who doesn't want to see this guy follow soraka and interact with her around the map while healing people? * In my opinion, Soraka should be the legendary one cause why not rito? she's the star child anyways. Come on Soraka needs love. She deserves a legendary skin..! What about us, Soraka mains... {{item:3151}} But what's done is done... I'm just gonna wait here and hope for another elegant Soraka skin (s). Added: Maybe add some death animation to all the SG skin that isn't a legendary like when they died they turn into stardust like they evaporate into thin air much like Celestine Soraka death animation. It's just that all the non-legendary SG feels like "Extra" ya know what I mean?

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