Bishop; The Bounty Hunter. Champion Concept.

"There's more than one way to earn a livin' on the seas.. At least if you've got the guns for it." -Bishop Distant to the docks of Bilgewater sits an ominous black Sloop, a juggernaut of steel an wood, A massive red sail highlights the dark mast well, and the smell of gunpowder radiates from it, the smell overtaking even that of dead fish and salt. The bluish grey flag atop, a sure sign of a pirate hunter. For the first time in weeks there wasn't a sound in Bilgewater. Even the drunks cowered in the taverns, fearful they may be spotted and fired upon. Though none could read the name of the boat, they all knew its red sail, that crimson cloth was the mark of the Rook, And where there was the Rook, there was Bishop and his gattling gun.... Bishop is a AD Marksmen who lacks greatly in mobility, but compensates with a massive rate of fire and defensive tools. Passive; Smoldering Barrels. When Bishop basic attacks, he gains a stack of (SB)Smoldering Barrels. Each stack of (SB) Grants bishop +(5%?) Bonus attack speed and -18 reduced movement speed. (SB) Stacks up to 12 times, lasting indefinitely while in combat, and decaying 4 stacks per second after 4 seconds out of combat, (SB) also allows bishop to break the attack speed cap. If Bishop has 12 stacks of (SB) for 6 seconds he gains an additional effect, Last Stand, Last Stand Grants an additional 3% attack speed and 5% bonus Armor and Magic Resist. Q; Battlecry. Bishop Fears all enemies within a small (melee-ish) range of himself for 0.2 second(s) increased by %AP. W; Hextech Forcefeild. Bishop places a small hextech forcefeild(about as wide as far as Aatrox can dash). All enemy projectiles that pass through have their damage reduced by a small amount (AP Ratio) . E; Hunter's Tripwire. (Holds 3, 5 can be placed at a time, if a 6th is placed without triggering the others the oldest is replaced.) Bishop throws a tripwire stake into the ground withing a moderate range around him. If 2 or more trip wires are placed within a small distance of one another (About as far as the range of darius' pull) the become connected by electric wire. Enemies who pass over the wire take (X)+(%AP) Magic damage and are slowed by (Y%). After being connected for 3 seconds the wires explode, dealing (Z) Physical damage to any enemy(or neutral) target over the wire. R; Hextexh Hunter Grenades. Bishop fires 2(+1 per rank) special rounds from his gatling gun, These rounds hunt down the nearest enemy champion(s) and explode, dealing (X)+(%AD) physical damage in a small AOE. Targets above 90%HP take bonus damage. Now, The numbers provided in the passive 100% need tweaked, And his ability damage would be absurdly low, But this is a unique idea for a ADC, Highly Immobile but compensates with massive damage output and dueling potential. I feel a champion like this would for sure make me start maining ADC again.

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