League of Legends Story Mode

Now that League of Legends' lore has developed significantly and there is a team devoted to story-writing capable of supporting the development of a plot-driven game, I think it is time for Riot to develop a story mode. There will be a lot of money in it for Riot, creative growth for the teams, and increased value for the game world. This is an idea that has cropped up many times, but I think now is the time to finally pursue it. Here is the vision: Start off by funding the development of 2 "chapters" worth of story and single-player/co-op gameplay (using the already built custom game hosting system or old teambuilder to connect with friends and random players). Each chapter/tale has a "cast" of league champions, ie., an Avarosa chapter with {{champion:22}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:201}} as playable characters. Each chapter will be a relatively complete piece of content; it can be episodic but without any extreme cliff-hangers. Each chapter will have significant length: aim for maybe around ~10 hours of gameplay content with potential replay value. Give one chapter away for free to give players a sense of the story-mode experience. Sell the other chapter for somewhere around 400-1000 RP depending on perceived value and player reception. The price should not be purely based on the investment in the content creation using skins as a baseline comparison, as some of the returns on investment will be in attracting and keeping customers, so it should be viewed more similarly to the development of other new game modes and game improvements. Chapter game assets will not be downloaded until purchased/unlocked, so the game file footprint does not increase by default. If well-received by the players, aim to release new chapters to eventually include most/all league champions. Revisit/continue some of the most popular chapters to allow longer connected storylines to develop, with room for individual chapters to branch out or merge into the larger stories. Rarely, release new chapters that are unlockable through generally easily accessible game achievements, such as milestones of reaching levels 20 and 30 for example, building off the first released free chapter. The important part is to release chapters incrementally and at a pace where player interest is not saturated and can be continually monitored. Starting with two chapters and with a goal of releasing a third chapter after another 6 months sounds reasonable. The 6 month post launch period will give the teams time to figure out the further details. @RIot Ryze You seem like a guy who likes to try new things, and you have the power to make this happen, so I am pitching this plan straight at you.

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