[Champion Concept] Valeeva, the Starcrossed Sister (Plus Minor Morgana Update)

Demacia burned as the angels waged their petty war overhead, Valeeva remains silent, bound eternally to a prison of chains deep beneath the city. Bloodied and broken from self mutilation one angel took the forbidden chains in an attempt to bind her celestial gifts. Knowing revealing herself would call the wrath of the warmongering burning angel, Valeeva waited. Decades after being dawned by the fallen angel, Valeeva waits for the perfect opportunity make her presence known to Runeterra, her kin, and the gods. --- https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5aac353f266c0703816ff206/t/5aade3b4f950b791b561ac4b/1521345472799/demonqueen.png --- **Morgana** Ranged Control/Mage Passive - Demonic Decent: Upon reaching levels 1, 6, 11, and 16, along with spending another skill point, Morgana becomes more and more corrupted by the Darkin Valeeva, gaining additional bonuses. * Empathetic (1): Damaging enemies grants Morgana a stack of Empathy, up to 5 stack. Each stack allows Morgana to gain gray health for a portion of the damage she deals, which restores normal health over time. At max stacks Morgana becomes Sacrificial, allowing her to basic attack allies once every few seconds, allowing her to give the gray health she had collected to a targeted allied champion. * Encroaching (6): While Sacrificial Morgana can give her own health in place of gray health. * Fallen (11): While Sacrificial, the self damage Morgana applies to herself is now dealt as damage over time. Her basic attacks now mark enemies, causing her Dark Binding to now seek out the last enemy Morgana attacked. * Damned (16): Empathy is permanently set to maximum stacks. Additionally, Empathy's gray health gained is increased. QWER: Unchanged --- **Starcrossed Sisters**: Upon reaching level 16, with an allied Kayle that is also level 16, Kayle and Morgana will be violently pulled together, regardless of their position on the map, becoming untargetable, and restoring their health and mana to max. After a few seconds, Valeeva will take their place. Each player will still have access to their former auto attacks, kits, and items, while only gaining a portion of the other player's ability power. The Kayle player will retain their movement, the Morgana player can still use their movement based abilities. Their movement speed is their total movement speed divided in half.

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