Blood Moon Ahri Skin!

I have seen so many really cool skins for Blood Moon but this one is awesome!!! I have been wanting another Ahri skin and this one stuck out, out of all the rest! When Riot Games came out with Blood Moon Elise. Which is my Favorite Jungler, I screamed! I was ecstatic to see another skin finally come out for Elise! My Favorite champion of all though is... Ahri! If i could really get Blood Moon Ahri i'd buy it a million times! Her (Orb Of Deception), would be a simple super deep red. When this ability is used, it would have red streaks that follow it! For her (Fox-Fire), Red glowing spirits come out and make a hissing sound when they are after a target! Her (Charm), a mask that looks like the Blood Moon Icon, with Red streaky waves that follow, And her (Spirit Rush), would be a Red dash with the Blood Moon Icon imprinted in the front of the Red dash! Finally her (Essence Theft), Would be her (Orb Of Deception) turning into a Red soul, That stays in her hand! (This Skin art of Blood Moon Ahri was not made by me.)
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