[Suggestion] One for All Gamemode with a twist

My Idea for a Fun Game Mode, in addition to the rotating game Mode so that may give Riot the time to improve their Game and give people the option to play something that is different and not as snowbally. The Game Mode would basically be One For All with a twist. (Title u.u) As usual every person can choose to ban 1 champion they do not wish to play as. Only 1 of the same Champion can be banned per team (Normal Draft pick banning). Every player locks in 1 Champion of their choosing they would like everyone to play as. Then, one of the 10 Champions is getting chosen for ALL players, each having a 10% Chance. If an Enemy or Team mate also picked the same Champion as one on your Team, it will still count only as 1 Champion, therefore increasing the chances (because technically only 9 Champions have been chosen). If no player chooses a Champion on neither Team, one is picked at Random for everyone. Gamemode happens either on the Treeline or ARAM Map. It may be wise to add a buff that grants everyone 20% flat damage resistance.
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