A plea to Riot.

I hope Riot can see this plea. I have been playing league since 2009, I was first introduced by my cousin and fell in love with a game I have played for nearly a decade. During this time I explored and experimented with every possible build i could think of (the good ole days of no metas, do or die ashe{{champion:22}} mid). I eventually found the one champ i could enjoy no matter what my good ole pocket pick "who do i play today" champ. OG Sion{{champion:14}} , the clunky-janky mess of a ridiculous champ with ridiculous abilities. Then i discovered the amazing fun of atmas{{item:3005}} impaler on sion, being this huge AD-bruiser god on the rift (RIP good ole atmogs{{item:3005}}{{item:3083}} and just atmas{{item:3005}} in general). Eventually this Titan of the rift would get swept away by the meta and not having a place in it. I still enjoyed league then, i mean the roster was plentiful and there was so much fun to be had with friends that i hardly worried about the state sion{{champion:14}} was in. Then Riot decided they would rework him into monster he is today, a change i welcomed because change is good{{champion:121}}. So i lost this AD-Bruiser who i fell in love with, but found solace in what would define i champ who i really had some real care for a champ to replace the void sion{{champion:14}} left an AD-bruiser to smash faces in with aatrox{{champion:266}}. I accept that Aatrox{{champion:266}} wasnt the most charming champion and his place in the game was certainly abysmal at best but this steroided out monster had his moments, and i appreciate what riot did to help alleviate his ailment of having no place in league. I understand that riot basically had to rework him due to planning, road mapping and in general investment into the change. But it still sucks that my favorite top laner was basically deleted from the game (this is not to say new aatrox is bad i love this one too but the special steroid AD bruiser god feeling is no longer there). He had several unique things to him for one, his ability to choose damage or heal on his old W was very cool and unique something that made playing him very fun. After that the functionality of his passive (i want you to stop for a second and ignore the free G.A.{{item:3026}} thats right ignore that portion of it) he got free scaling attack speed and free bonus BASE ad *BASE*. I have never known another champ in league that got bonus BASE ad on a passive or item until steraks gage{{item:3053}}. Then the ultimate, Massacre-as the name implied anyone that didn't kite well enough or that you could just orb walk all over got blatantly massacred. It also gave something unique more range on auto attacks but not just any increase, it kept him as a melee champ gaining melee bonuses from items. These unique abilities were always the highlight of my time playing league, just the fun of being a steroided out champ. Now before others might make the suggestion to say Olaf{{champion:2}} Tryn{{champion:23}} Yi{{champion:11}} or Trundle{{champion:48}} could fill this void of a strong AD bruiser/carry champ all i have to say to them is; yes, yes they could but the feeling is still not the same. So here is my proposition. I know that i will never get those old kits back on Sion{{champion:14}} or Aatrox{{champion:266}}. So why not make a new champ with some aspect of the old kits. I know it might seem far fetched but please hear me out. Thematically this character would have to be Darkin or undead as this Drain Tank God Bruiser style basically comes from sharing/splitting pain and dealing damage. Varus{{champion:110}} has already alluded to a sister character so I believe it is not to far-fetched an idea to propose that Riot consider making a new Darkin Drain-tank one that doesnt have innate healing such as New Aatrox{{champion:266}} and Rhaast{{champion:141}}. Possibly giving her a weapon that could thematically play into a unique weapon (Aatrox{{champion:266}} Greatsword; Rhaast {{champion:141}} Scythe; Varus{{champion:110}} Bow) such as maybe a Whip or lance. Either way this is just a hope i would have of Riot something reminiscent of the older era of league but developed to function as a part of the meta.
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