Holiday Lol Character Concept

Holiday Lol Character Concept
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A while back I was thinking about concepts for ADCs that were not the normal look, nimble or slender. I came up with Holiday to fulfill another want of mine, An Adc that uses a shield as a throwing weapon. Shitty concept art- sorry I'm bad at drawing in general but using a mouse to do it made it even more challenging. Holiday- The Dwindling Light Marksmen- throwing his shield off of enemies. Holiday is an old crusader, once a great leader within his brotherhood. He is now hunting down the memories of betrayal that left him armed only with his shield and the flame which once guided him towards good. Holiday excels in a duo lane because his abilities to chain damage to multiple people. During team fights Holiday must position well, continuously auto or using abilities to output max damage, because of his slow-starting movement speed and autos. Holiday starts with low base speed and attack speed for an ADC which means he can be bullied in lane by opponents that take advantage of him trying to ramp up. But late game in team fights and objective fights where he has things he can continually be in combat with he should be able to outpoint a large amount of damage. Holiday would probably pair well with engage tanks that can keep people locked down while Holiday trys to get going, or with enchanters that can add mobility and attack speed to Holidays planning phase to make it even. Holiday will not work well with kill lanes because of his lackluster burst and need to set up before fights. Holiday struggles against engage supports that can lock him down or start a fight quickly before he can stack. Ranged support are also good against Holiday because its easy to out trade Holiday if he cant continually stay in a fight with his opponents. Late game assassins are the bain of Holiday, baiting his E and then bursting him will eliminate him before he can even get going. Also, mobile bruisers can keep pressure and not allow Holiday to enter fights. Abilities Passive: Conquering Wildfire- As Holiday fights the flames within start to build. every 3 seconds Holiday is in combat with enemy champions or epic monsters he gains 3% movement speed and 3% attack speed which last 3 seconds after he stops autoing. stackable for a total of 15/15% if you continue attacking for a total of 15 seconds. Cinder and Combust- Any champ that hit by one of Holidays abilities will be affected by Cinder when a champion affected by Cinder is auto'd it will activate Combust. If two champions are affected by Cinder and are next to each other, when Combust is activated on one it will spread to the neighbor and ignite him with Combust also. Combust- Champions Combust and burn for 10 seconds causing 3% of there max health as true damage. 20 CD cooldown, from Combust's activation. Q: Mana Cost: 30/33/36/39/42 Cool Down: 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 Flame Granade- A medium range targeted skill shot that travels through the air and then explodes at the targeted location. enemies struck by the skillshot before it explodes will be affected by Cinder, if the enemy champion is already affected by Cinder, Combust will be activated. W: Mana Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 Cool Down: 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 Flare- a short-range CC ability that allows Holiday to self peel oncoming attackers. Holiday slams his shield summoning a giant Flare that fears attackers for .65 seconds within a close radius as he hops back a step. E: Mana Cost: 60/65/75/85/90 Cool Down: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 TrailBlazer- A short ranged escape that can be used to dodge abilities or aggressively reposition and chain attacks between multiple enemies. Holiday rolls forward leaving a trail of scorched earth for 5 seconds, enemy champions that cross the scorched earth will be affected by Cinder, if the champion is already affected by Cinder, Combust will activate. ally champs that cross the scorched earth will be granted 5% movement speed for 3 seconds. R: Mana Cost: 100/125/150 Cool Down: 150 / 135 / 115 Aprocryphal Firestorm- A long ranged skill shot used to snipe enemies with a .5 second cast time Where Holiday must gathering his flame. A powerful ability that damages any champion it passes through activating Combust on any champion whether or not they have already been afflicted by Cinder. Aprocryphal Firestorm travels in a straight line until it makes contact with any type of terrain, then it reflects dealing 1.5x the normal damage from crossing through an enemy. Baptism by fire(second cast).5 second cast per enemy afflicted, a total of 2.5 seconds- if an enemy is under 12.5% max health after being stuck by Aprocryphal Firestorm Holiday can recast the ability and the enemy will be engulfed in flames for 1.5 seconds burning to death overtime ending in there execution. if Holiday is killed or incapacitated before the cast time is over the flame will be extinguished and the victim will be left alive with whatever health is left. I'm definitely not a writer, but here is a simple backstory that could explain Holiday. Lore. Holiday is an old knight who refuses to ever serve a corrupt purpose again. As a young knight in his tiny kingdom of Tawkhahj(somewhere along the Icathian peninsula) Holiday was orphaned and raised within a religious brotherhood that worshiped fire believing that with it they would be able to cleanse the world of evils, this confraternity of flame was known as The Bonfire. Holiday's weapon Jahieme was a legendary lance said to ignite the air with fire as its pierced it, the strongest weapon in the bonfire, wielded by the headknight within the order, who only took direction from the flame itself or the King. The Bonfires main goal was to incinerate the evils from Runeterra. Holiday lead the bonfire through the most successful years of their crusades not only locating and eliminating the people that practiced evil in the world but cleansing the land and absorbing it into the promise land of the kingdom of Tawkhahj. All ages of success must come to an end though, a neighboring kingdom Koobha, once an ally, waged a war against Tawkhahj. Holiday lead a small group of knights that was ordered by the king to lead a counterattack by attacking a small group of enemy scouts that were seen at the border, in the cool air of morning Holiday and his men sprung there attack only to be ambushed by the main force of Koobha, Holiday and his men were not ready for the battle and were slaughtered before they even knew what had happened leaving only Holiday as a survivor, He was kept alive but was injured in the battle, losing his right eye. Holiday was held in a temporary settlement during the war, where he began to see familiar faces. People that were once citizens of Tawkhahj now refugees of Koobha. This confused Holiday, He wondered what evil had driven them to seek refuge in enemy territory. While within the camp Holiday is told that his king had been requesting the crusade into any land he wanted for himself and using The Bonfire as a corrupt personal army to take them, betraying everything The Bonfire had stood for. Enraged by betrayal and hungry to feed to flames of vengeance Holiday lead the forces of Koobha back into Tawkhahj where he lead an onslaught on the throne room where he thrust Jahieme through the king who sat smug upon his throne, claiming he had all rights to all land. Jahieme screamed with heat as it was drove into the king melting from the flame Holiday was emitting. engulfed by the spirit of fire he had so longed to honor. With Jahieme gone, Holiday was armed only with his shield, but Holidays faith in the flame had not faltered, he had felt it even stronger than ever while he righted the wrongs of the king, but he knew the flame was only temporarily satiated. Holiday left his homeland hunting the remaining members of The Bonfire that had fled during the battle of Tawkhahj. As the leader of The Bonfire, it was Holidays duty to see every member of the bonfire had been returned to the flame. Holidays mission would only be complete when they were all set ablaze, then Holiday could ignite himself and pay the final price for his crusades, The light finally coming to an end. hope this wasn't to bad haha.

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