Male Ahri Skin?

I am probably going to get a lot of downvotes and heat for this by the straight guys...but oh well, gotta push on. To victory. Anyway Ahri is my favorite champ, when I first joined mid Season 4 she was the first champ I ever played, and she just kind of stuck to me. Wether it's because of her being modeled after SNSD (HUGE K-Pop fan ;D) or just because she was sexual and deadly, who knows. I myself like to be a bit on the dark and flirty side so I'm thinking that's why but...what do I know? ;D Now as a queer myself, it's always SERIOUSLY enjoyable to be able to relate in any way possible to a game, because games, like the media, are hetero-based. Granted things are changing and there's more room for the rainbow in things like that, there's still a lack of it in my favorite pc game. Before you ask, Taric is not enough. I just...don't even wanna go there honestly. I can't even ship him with Ezreal I hate him that much. So I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I found a picture just by Google surfing (because Hello Basic! ;D) and I found this picture, which just completely captures every image I imagined of a male Ahri skin. Just something basic, simple, and based off her default skin, nothing too fancy ya know? No recall animation needed or anything, just a preferably mid to higher pitched male voicebox. I might be crazy, or I might just be whiny and needy, but Riot...this would be just awesome.

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