Ultimate skins, What next?

Recently there's been a huge outburst to the "Ultimate skin" GG MF. The problem with the skin is that it doesn't introduce anything *NEW* it's basically just allowing you to chose your chroma in game, instead of in the client. It feels a bit lack luster. Yeah? But what CAN riot do? They can't be giving a gameplay advantage, so they can essentially cater to the two things, SOUND, and VISUALS. Right? Sound's probably the most unexplored one, but IMO anything created would be a bit lack luster in comparison to DJ sona, and model changes if = to LUX or UDYR would also feel, well lackluster. In my opinion, as we are now we've somewhat reached the limit of ULTIMATE skins, where we need to go is Evolving skins. Skins a tier above legendary due to their ability to change, but below ultimate because, they really aren't pushing riot's boundaries. For a few suggestions, 1) Any skins like GG MF that are basically an added function, but really don't allow you to "Grow" over the course of the game 2) Evolving skins, for example the new Pizza Delivery Sivir, let us choose new toppings to add as we level up ;) 3) Skins that introduce a new soundtrack, or have some heavy influence of sound. Just my two cents, what about you boards? (Oh right, and for future ultimates, a terrain changer would be nice, #VoidTaliyah?)
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