The Mischievous Adventures part 369

(Meanwhile) {{champion:21}}: "Alright, is everyone ready?" {{champion:39}}: "Yep, I'm in position." {{champion:163}}: "Same." {{champion:43}}: "I still feel a about this..." {{champion:163}}: "Don't worry sis, once we're done with this it'll all be over." {{champion:43}}: "...Alright Taliyah, I trust you." {{champion:39}}: "Alright, now let's get this started." {{champion:43}}: "Alright then." *Goes to her office* {{champion:8}}: "Ah Karma, what took you so long?" {{champion:43}}: "...." {{champion:8}}: "Well, where were you?" {{champion:43}}: "....." {{champion:8}}: "Well speak! I'm ordering you!" {{champion:43}}: "No." {{champion:8}}: *Grabs her* "What the hell did you just say!?" {{champion:21}}: "Alright guys he's doing it, get going!" {{champion:43}}: "I'm done, I'm tired being your plaything. You don't control me anymore." {{champion:8}}: "The hell I do!! I own you! You're are mine to order and control. And no one is going to stop me!" {{champion:39}}: *Walks in with some guards* "You think so?" {{champion:8}}: "W-What? What's going on?" {{champion:39}}: "We're exposing you, duh. And it worked greatly." {{champion:8}}: "Expose me? Of what!?" {{champion:43}}: "You 'controlling' me." {{champion:8}}: " have no proof!" {{champion:21}}: *Walks in* "Actually we do." {{champion:8}}: "And who are you!?" {{champion:21}}: "M.F, future reporter. And we do have proof, notice the little camera on Karma?" {{champion:8}}: "What camera!?" {{champion:39}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:43}}: "Exactly." {{champion:163}}: *Walks in* "Although we do have the film reordered." {{champion:8}}: "And who are you!? Wait...did you plan this whole thing!?" {{champion:21}}: "Yep." {{champion:163}}: "And for you to be punished for your crimes." *Guards get him and take him away* {{champion:8}}: "What!? No! You can't do this, I'm Vladimir! Damn you Karma! Damn you all!!!" *Goes away* {{champion:43}}: "...It's...It's over..." {{champion:163}}: *Hugs her* "It is." {{champion:21}}: "Aww, this is sweet." {{champion:163}}: "Do you two want to join?" {{champion:39}} {{champion:21}}: "Huh?" {{champion:163}}: "You helped us, this is our way of saying thanks." {{champion:39}}: "...Ah to hell with it." *Hugs them* {{champion:21}}: "Hehe, sure thing hon." *Hugs them*
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