[Contest] The 2017 Riot Polycount Contest!

Announcing the Riot Creative Contest 2017
We're unbelievably thrilled to announce the we're taking the biggest contest we've ever done and making it even... We're keeping the main categories from last time: And on top of that we're adding two firsts for our contests:Expect killer prizes, amazing art, and stiff competition.
Hey C&C! As we're all about fan art, fan fiction and more? The Archivist team wants to let you know about **Riot's Polycount Contest!** This is a show of talent where you can compete with many other artists to create some fantastic pieces in hopes of winning a prize, plus the delicious exposure that comes with it. The link at the top includes most of the Q&A but I figured I'd also answer some questions that would specifically come up for our C&C boards. #Awesome! I'm allowed to submit my custom champion right? Unfortunately, no. The Polycount contest is a show of fan art and focuses on pre-existing assets in the League universe. Your original champ concept doesn't count according to the rules. :( #That sucks. What about my skin idea? That works fine, as it's giving a skin to a champion that exists in League of Legends. #I don't have a lot of good ideas. Do you think I'm not good enough to enter? Not at all. Riot and Polycount are judging the **execution** of your idea, not the idea itself. It's possible that the most bland, generic skin ever is taken over the most unique skin ever if the presentation and quality are head-and-shoulders above the rest. #I can just copy-paste my story/concept/etc to Polycount right? Nope. All Polycount entries must be completely unique. Take it as a chance to create something new and then port it to the boards. After all, you have all the chances in the world. #Should I mention boards? I don't think it's really necessary but if you win, you can totally give a shout-out to everyone here. Best way to let people know some hardcore quality artists/writers/etc. exist here right? #What's the Deadline? January 31st, 2018. You got plenty of time to edit, test and revisit your concept in the meantime. Iterate! Evolve! Don't settle for Draft #1 on November 9th! If you guys have any other questions, go to the [Polycount QA Page](http://polycount.com/discussion/192924/riot-creative-contest-qa). Good luck everyone!
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