[Champion Concept] Jabari, The Spear of Reverence

Yo everyone, BowietheNifty back on the boards. Today I bring you another champion concept that I am excited to present. This past year has been quite hectic to say the least, but I have been dabbling into working on my backed up concepts from time to time. Recently I got into a more stable habitat and was able to work on this guy you're about to read. That along with a few more characters that might be coming sooner...well hopefully sooner rather then later. Either way enough about that, time to move forward. This character is one that sort of came out of blue for me at one point. Looking back on it, surprised that it took me so long to get inspiration for this one. Perhaps due to being stuck on the lore again but doesn't matter now. As always I appreciate feedback both good or bad, so feel free to put your voice in the comments below. Enough fluff, onto the concept! **Jabari, The Spear of Reverence** _Updates_ +_Reduced the cool down of 'Pole Strike' from ~~14/13/12/11/10~~ seconds to 14/12/10/8/6 seconds_ - 2/10/19 +_Reduced the cool down of 'Rising Sun' from ~~14/13/12/11/10~~ seconds to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds_ - 2/10/19 :_Changed the flip back distance of 'Rising Sun' from ~~150/200/250~~ to 225 units_ - 2/10/19 +_Increased the AD scaling of stab from 'Lunge' from ~~50% AD~~ to 60% AD_ - 2/10/19 :_Added to 'Lunge'; "Striking the same champion with both the dash and stab will grant 'Shuriman Resolve'._ -2/10/19 +_The stab on 'Lunge' now slows all targets hit instead of first two targets_ - 2/10/19 :_Passive portion changed on 'Shuriman Resolve' from ~~"Each time an ability or 'Pole Strike' hits an enemy champion, large monster/minion, or epic monster, he gains a stack of Shuriman Resolve up to a max of 4. While having a stack, he will reduce the next incoming instance of damage from an enemy champion, large monster/minion, epic monster by 15/35/55/75/95(+10% bonus AD) and consumes the stack. Doesn't activate against damage over time effects."~~ to "Each time Jabari strikes multiple enemy champions with an ability or he loses 60%(-2% per 100 bonus health) of his max health, he gains 'Shuriman Resolve' 4 seconds. While having 'Shuriman Resolve', all damage is reduced by 20%(+10/20/30/40/50% bonus AD)."_ - 2/10/19 :_Active portion changed on 'Shuriman Resolve' from ~~"Jabari consumes all of his Shuriman Resolve to heal himself and his nearby allies in a small radius for 2/3/4/5/6%(+10% of his bonus health) of their missing health + an additional 1/2/3/4/5%(+3% of his bonus health)(+7.5% AP) per stack consumed."~~ to "Jabari will heal himself and ally champions around him for 5/7/9/11/13%(+15% Jabari's bonus health)(+40% bonus AD)(+30% AP) of their missing health. If he has 'Shuriman Resolve' upon cast, Jabari be granted 40/45/50/55/60% increased movement speed for 2 seconds and increases the healing by 40%."_ - 2/10/19 +_Cool down for 'Shuriman Resolve' decreased from ~~22/21/20/19/18 seconds~~ to 20/19/17/16/14 seconds_ - 2/10/19 :_'Spire of the Empire' no longer can jump to a target location, but to a target ally or enemy champion_ - 2/10/19 +_Increased damage of leap from 'Spire of the Empire' from ~~125/250/375(+125% AD)~~ to 150/275/400(+125% AD)_ - 2/10/19 :_'Spire of the Empire' only knocks back enemy champions when targeting an ally champion for the leap_ - 2/10/19 -_'Spire of the Empire' no longer grants shields_ - 2/10/19 [Appearance](https://i.imgur.com/zmnWBjA.png?1) (I don't take credit for this art. This is mainly used as a form of reference on how the character generally appears.) Jabari is a well toned mid aged man who has the defined features of a soldier. Strong, lean, tall, and stern, he has the shinning traits of a fighter. Sporting messy yet tamed brown hair, almost golden eyes, and skin darkened by the harsh light of the desert. This attire consists of light fitting, yet tucked in clothing to help against the ragging sands. He wears smaller pieces of armor across his garb with a golden sun disc upon the chest guard. His weapon of choice is a long two handed spear that has a long curved blade at one end. While it is hidden from view most of the time, there is a large strange looking burn mark on his chest along with a golden piece of metal. During combat, this metal will glow with a golden radiance like the sun itself. **Lore** Jabari was a soldier for the great empire of Shurima. Though not just a soldier, but became a renown officer within the military ranks. Of course he didn't gain a reputation like this over night. He joined the ranks of the empire's army while still in his teens. Shortly after conscripting himself the current emperor was attacked having many of his off-spring die within the night. Even being under the protection of Renekton wasn't enough to save them. This caused a bit of restlessness between the ranks as word spread. Jabari however took this event as a form of inspiration. If a great hero of Shurima couldn't protect the royal family from death...then he would have to be better. He would have to become a warrior better then the rest, one who was good enough for the emperor himself. His training and determination from then on brought forth a powerful warrior over time. This was especially true when the young prince Azir would be crowned emperor. With the expansion of the Shuriman borders came most of the young man's exploits. He was mainly posted within the southern reaches of the empire, far from his home of Nashramae. This would bring him beyond the Sai Kahleek to the mountainous passes of the south. The regiment he was apart of did away bandits and marauders of the wastes with ease. Those who would not submit to the greatness of the empire would fall. However as his group continued southward, they came across an enemy far stronger then any bandit. Jabari and his fellow soldiers would encounter the Xer'Sai, carnivorous sand dwelling beasts that were primal hunters of the land. While they attempted to push through the mountains further, the Xer'Sai would have a field day picking off undisciplined soldiers left and right. On the other hand, Jabari would adapt against these new opponents and was able to survive, tell the day he became captain of the regiment. It wasn't by choice, but eventually as his comrades were killed a new leader was needed. A lot of them looked up to Jabari due to his cunning and the way he fought against the sand beasts. Eventually under this new leadership the remaining regiment were able to push on tell they reached new lands. A new type of wasteland that seemed to remind them of the creatures that they had been fighting for weeks on end. By this time however, they had received word to return home. Their campaign to proceed further south had come to an end and the regiment proceeded back to the heart of the empire. Being the leader of the regimen, Jabari was brought forth to the emperor Azir himself. When given a debriefing to the Emperor, he was shocked to learn a few things. Apparently the land to the south used to belong to Shurima long ago. The creatures that he had fought were one of a many different kinds that were extremely dangerous had invaded the southern half and taken the land of Icathia way before their time. No one was allowed beyond into that land, it didn't even show on any of the maps. This info was kept from the general public to the best of their ability. Though the fact that the regiment had made it as far as they had and even returned was a miracle to say the least. "I would proceed into the heart of this forsaken land, if it be the will of Shurima." Jabari would tell the emperor showing his duty bound nature. Azir declined the continuous proceedings into Icathia however. He would of rather of had exemplary soldiers closer to the heart of the heart of the empire. With that Jabari was officially given the title of captain and his comrades were given some of the highest honors. The rest of his days as a solider serving the emperor himself, alongside the Ascended ones of Nasus and Renekton. To be considered nearly capable as the demi-gods was something that filled the man with pride. A pride that drove him on when the day of the emperors ascension came. While the two generals were sent out onto a top secret mission, Jabari would be able to enjoy the sight of the ascension. That was so he thought, tell the magus betrayed the Azir and took his place upon the sundisc. This would cause a massive explosion of power, bringing forth chaos and ruin. Jabari would be heavily injured being almost nearly killed. Yet would it be luck or fate that he survived. As a soldier he did what he could to help the remaining survivors of the catastrophe; even during the battle between the newly ascended Xerath, Nasus and Renekton. He wanted to help combat the fiend but his injuries were too severe. With a thought in mind he persistently made his way through the ruins to try to find someway to help. Somehow he made it to the Oasis of Dawn. His exhaustion got the better of him and he collapsed within the waters. The waters did indeed heal him, but he didn't awaken tell after the battle. Upon coming to, Jabari would eventually find Nasus within the ruins. He would learn of what happened between them, Xerath and how he was locked away with Renekton. It was a tragic fate though it had to be done. With that Nasus would part leaving the young man to his own devices. Jabari kept going through the ruins of the fallen city. Guilt plagued him as he wasn't able to do anything to stop this. He couldn't do anything nor could even the ascended. The emperor was dead, the city....the empire had fallen, he was a failure as a soldier. These words would echo in his mind tell he eventually came upon the fallen sun disc. Out of frustration he would stab his weapon into the disc. A piece of it would chip off and coincidentally embed itself into his chest. Some of the energy in the ascended ritual would still persist within. It sparked into light and flames, burning Jabari's chest with its energy. The screams echoed throughout the city before it ceased after a couple minutes. After the pain stopped, he felt different. He tried removing the fragment but was unable to do so. It would take awhile before he would leave the ruined city and seek out his own home. Eventually over the years Jabari would learn quite a few things. The fragment in his chest wasn't able to be removed for some reason. Though a part of him didn't want to after awhile. Ever sense it was embedded into him, he felt stronger. It seemed the energy from it was now flowing through him. He had control of some magics that he had never had before. As well...he was able to heal off his wounds relatively easily, heck he didn't even seem to age. The year would go by, and by, tell eventually a decade....three....and his appearance wouldn't change. It looked like he hadn't aged a day. It was as if...he had ascended in some way. Taken on the lasting energies of the ascension ritual meant for Azir. While he couldn't understand it exactly, it had made a choice. He was going to use this power, hone it, and make it his own. The old empire's power coursed through his veins and he was going to use it to fight the enemies of the Shurima. His duty bound nature from his younger days flared up as he vowed to do his part. To bring back the glory of the shining empire and to strike down the unfaithful if they were to show their faces. After all, Jabari had all the time in the world to prepare and he wasn't going to fail this time. Now leading a devoted following of Shuriman supporters, he goes forth back to the city that was arisen up out of the sands. **Roles** Primary: Slayer (Duelist) Secondary: Tank (Warden) Jabari is fighter for the most part through and through. He can deal quite a bit of damage once he gets close to his targets while at the same time reduce it to himself or even luckily his team mates. Don't expect to be doing anything from far range however. He works very well in melee and maybe a little beyond that. Jabari can do well in 1v1's early on as a duelist and then progress in a tanky warden role, a straight up bruiser, or go for all in raw damage. He has the potential to fill a couple roles within the team if needed. Plus he has the potential for some great disruption with his ultimate but you will have to read on for that. **Stats** HP: 560(+94) HP5: 7(+0.6) Mana: 346(+28) MP5: 7.2 (+0.8) AD: 66(+3.4) AS: 0.658(+3%) AR: 33(+3.2) MR: 32.1(+1.25) MS: 340 Range: 175 **Abilities** _Innate - Pole Strike_ Passive: Every couple of seconds, Jabari's next basic attack becomes enhanced. The attack has an extended range of 200 units and deals 120% base AD(+25% bonus AD) physical damage to all targets in a line. Targets at the furthest edge of the attack take an additional 4/5/6/7/8% of their max health as physical damage. Static Cool down: 14/12/10/8/6 seconds decreasing at levels 5/8/11/14. Range: 375 total, 200 bonus range, 150 edge range. * In-Depth * This is enhanced basic attack that can strike multiple targets. * Life steal can be applied to this attack, but only at 33% effectiveness. * Has a static cool down, meaning cool down reduction doesn't effect it. * This enhanced attack isn't additional damage on top of the standard basic attack damage, it over writes the damage of a standard basic attack. * This attack can only critically strike the main target of the attack. * The additional max health damage only applies to targets further away from Jabari. * Not be applied to towers/structures. _Q - Rising Sun_ Active: Jabari empowers his next basic attack within the next 4 seconds to deal 10/20/35/55/80(+50% AD) bonus physical damage. After executing the attack, he will flip backward 225 units and reduces the cool down for 'Pole Strike' by 3 seconds. Can be combined with 'Pole Strike' to have it deal additional damage to the main target. Cool down: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 mana Range: 200 or 400 with 'Pole Strike' * In-Depth * This is a basic attack reset. * The flip goes straight backward away from the target. * The flip can send Jabari over small walls if aimed properly. * If combined with 'Pole Strike' the cool down reduction for the next 'Pole Strike' still takes place. * Can be applied to towers/structures. _W - Lunge_ Active: Jabari dashes forward a short distance dealing 20/40/60/80/100(+30% AD) physical damage to all damage he travels through before stabbing his spear forward and dealing 30/60/90/120/150(+60% AD)physical damage to all enemies in a line. Targets struck by the stab will also be slowed by 35% for 2 seconds. Striking the same champion with both the dash and stab will grant 'Shuriman Resolve'. Cool down: 16/14/12/10/8 seconds Cost: 75 mana Range: 250 dash, 400 damage range * In-Depth * This dash can go over small walls. * This ability can strike the same target twice. * The stab pierces all enemies in a line. * Total range if 650 units with dash and stab combined. * The stab goes in the same direction as the dash. _E - Shuriman Resolve_ Passive: Each time Jabari strikes multiple enemy champions with an ability or he loses 60%(-2% per 100 bonus health) of his max health, he gains 'Shuriman Resolve' 4 seconds. While having 'Shuriman Resolve', all damage is reduced by 20%(+10/20/30/40/50% bonus AD). Active: Jabari will heal himself and ally champions around him for 5/7/9/11/13%(+15% Jabari's bonus health)(+40% bonus AD)(+30% AP) of their missing health. If he has 'Shuriman Resolve' upon cast, Jabari be granted 40/45/50/55/60% increased movement speed for 2 seconds and increases the healing by 40%. Cool down: 20/19/17/16/14 seconds Cost: 90 mana Range: 350 * In-Depth * The passive can be active while the active is on cool down. * 'Pole Strike' can grant 'Shuriman Resolve'. * Passive applies both percentage and flat damage reduction. * Heals multiple targets in a small radius. * Can only heal ally champions. * Healing max is 7/10/13/15/18%(+21% Jabari's bonus health)(+56% bonus AD)(+42% AP) of their missing health. _R - Spire of the Empire_ Active: Jabari will leap to an enemy champion or a target ally champion 150/275/400(+125% AD) dealing physical damage and leaving a glowing emblem in the damage area. This emblem slows targets within it by 20% and after 4 seconds the emblem will erupt dealing 10/12/14%(+150% bonus AD)(+50% AP) of the targets max health as magic damage to enemies within the radius. If Jabari targets an ally champion, enemy champions in the damage radius are knocked out of the emblem's radius upon landing. Cool down: 180/150/120 seconds Cost: 100 mana Range: 500 leap distance, 400 damage/emblem radius, 425 maximum knock back distance * In-Depth * Enemies are always pushed away from the center of the emblem. * Enemies are always pushed 25 units away outside of the emblem's radius. * This deals both physical and magical damage. * Enemies are only knocked away on the initial impact. **Interactions** {{champion:268}} "My Emperor you have returned! Please give me your command!" {{champion:75}} "Nasus, are you surprised to see me? I would be too if I were you." {{champion:58}} "I don't know what happened to you. Though you are much more terrifying." {{champion:101}} "Traitor....you don't deserve talk or mercy." {{champion:421}} "Ugh, more of you. Come at me beast!" {{champion:517}} "You're a disgrace. An ugly man who only seeks power for himself." {{champion:15}}{{champion:114}} "*Nervous heavy breathing*...I..my...ugh...You fight good..." {{champion:89}} "Under the mighty sun we are strong." {{champion:5}}{{champion:86}} {{champion:81}} "You're skills are impressive. Show me your resolve." Alright so that is what I got for Jabari, The Spear of Reverence. I will probably come back to add in some updates here and there. Though I mainly want to know what you all think. Some of your thoughts could help improve the concept or even encourage more of my concepts to come out to the light. As of right now I got a few back logged or even have possible reworks in mind too. Still if you like this concept you can look at my previous works in the list that I will provide below. Can't wait to hear your feedback, and thanks for reading. [BowietheNifty's List of Concepts](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/kGyzjI2b-bowietheniftys-list-of-concepts)
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