Reform process/ alternatives to perma ban

I had my account perma banned roughly 8 or 9 months ago for toxic language. Since then I took about 7 months off of league, but started playing again on my second account. I have done a lot of reformation and a lot of self reflection and temper control exercises in these last few months, and toxic language is no longer an issue for me. In fact I barely talk in games, and even more rarely do I reply to anyone not concerning game play. Unfortunately I am not having as much fun as I used to have when I played and I think that is due to my very limited friends list, lack of competition (too low of a level to play ranked) and a lack of champion and skin selection. On my main account I have spent hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours and it is frustrating that there is no process to show change and earn my account back. In fact the lack of access to my original account is discouraging as far as buying skins and putting more than a social amount of time into the game. I am hoping that I can get RIOT to come up with some sort of process to earn perma banned accounts back over time, maybe after a year or so. For example, since my ban was due to toxic language and only that, If i take time off and show through a different account that I am no longer toxic, I think it would be more fair for RIOT to change my ban to a permanent chat restriction, but allow me to play.

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