Reducing the Damage of Devourer Rageblade at a certain point?

I have been thinking about the new season and all the goodies that it has brought to the devourer side of the champ pool. You have your strong full damage builds on {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} that become too powerful once they get to the late game and then your troll builds. But when these melee champs decide to combine devourer and rageblade, the damage is unstoppable even on champs like {{champion:102}} . I was wondering if there is a possibility that RIOT is attempting to decrease the damage done after a certain amount of Attack Speed is reached. The damage dealt through the phantom hits on sated devourer and the AoE damage on Rageblade passive are powerful but when combined they are overly powerful. I know the coding portion of this is easy enough if you just throw some limits in the code or some IF statements setting the damage to trickle after say 2.0 attack speed is reached. The fall off would limit the people who will continue to build attack speed and would keep the people who will only hit the cap from annihilating everything they see. Its the pay off from choosing one over the other seeing as how there tends to be a general correlation of the damage dealt and the attack speed of the champ. It would keep bronze from being almost impossible to get out of and would add an interesting dynamic to the pro world.
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