Syndra Rework

Passive: 1. Every spawned Dark Sphere on the map slowly(50 movement speed) moves towards Syndra. 2. Syndra no longer has 3 Dark spheres circling her at all times. Instead she starts with none and can stand on top of spheres to collect them until she has her 3 like she used to. 3. Keeps the same passive as before(Just in case this rework acts more like a nerf) Q: (20 second CD) If the Dark sphere is within Syndra's AA range it never disappears. When its outside of her AA range the sphere will disappear in 10 seconds W: If there are no grab able objects she can grab one of the spheres around her body to use. E: Unchanged R: Passive: At 10 spheres (3 on body + 7 around her) Syndra unlocks her ultimate power and can use it to knock down a turret. This gets rid of all 10 of her spheres. Active R: Unchanged ------------------------------------------------------ Role: Close to a role like Heimer and how he holds lane with his turrets but she requires more set up but deals a lot more burst. What this solves: Syndra's bland identity as a burst mage. She will be the opposite of a roamer. Power Fantasy: Players can create this unstoppable mage who moves slowly but does so much damage.
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