Burgergot, the Burger skin for Urgot!

Hello fellow summoners! Let me start off by saying that Urgot is one of my favorite champions to play. But like most people, I find Urgot's looks leave a lot to be desired, especially with only two skins available in the shop. I personally love my Battlecast Urgot skin, but my friends and I felt that Urgot deserves another skin, a fun skin that won't make your enemies call you rude things in all chat. And now, fellow summoners, without further adieu it is my great honor to present to you...**BURGERGOT**. The picture(s) provided are just quick little concept sketches that I threw together and hastily colored just to get the idea across. His W would be a shield of holographic pickle slices and his E would be a squirt of ketchup., which I'll add later on. I'm still coming up with ideas for his Q and his ult, so right now everything is susceptible to change. I think that this skin would make a really cool addition to a champ who is in need of some new skins, and would offer a fun new take on everyone's favorite undead executioner.
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