Riot should make another game.

It says it in their name. Riot Games**S** ,not Riot Game. League is almost 7 years old. In that time, Riot has assembled a very good team and also gained a fortune from their highly populated game. They certainly have the manpower and resources to make something new. Perhaps take a genre of gaming and apply the Runettera universe into it. How epic will an MMORPG that lets players explore the world and the lore of League. Maybe even let players play as the actual summoner (with a choice to choose background ie: fighting for Noxus, Demacia, etc), not the champ, going around fighting a towering Baron or a Teemo boss fight. Or maybe come up with a whole new world in other different types of genre. Hell, even come up with a whole new genre of gaming! In the end, I firmly hope that Riot can dish out a new superb game just like it did with League. But also keep each game up to date just like other companies do with their games. They are well capable of doing it.
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