My next champion concept. Anymilia (No kit, yet. Showing the Ultimate)

Anymilia, Demacias Blaise. Type: Fighter, Mage Anymilia's look: I'm getting inspiration on her kit from Erza (Fairy Tail), Brand, Riven and Udyr. Anymilia will have four transformations. Each transformation has its own four unique techniques. Anymilia is an orphan, who is hot-headed, but warm-hearted. She was trained, by a mage named Ambert who lives on the far outside of Demacias Walls to hide from Demacia and Noxus. There she expands and learns to control her fire magic. Anymilia like's to show off when it comes to style, and she always wants to look beautiful in battle as well. Though she isn't well respected in the Demacian kingdom, Queen Quinn (It's connected to my storyline, Quinn does not become Queen, in Riot's lore.) has made her acceptable by the people of Demacia. (Anymilia is the only Mage allowed through Demacias walls, and though Quinn want's to make Lux's magic acceptable, she is afraid Garen will take it the wrong way. Lux has to tell her family by herself.) Anymilia has now become a royal name in Demacia, and her acceptability as a mage has grown. And, soon Lux's name can be freed from the hatred of magic and tell them all. Personality: Anymilia can only control her fire magic by staying calm, and positive. Thanks to her training, she has learned to be optimistic and calm. However, Ambert was afraid of her losing her brain and become ditzy, so he made her study everything she needed to know about everything (Yes, he went overboard, she had to learn everything from a young age, with no brake.). As she grew up, so did her intelligence and creativity. She could read a map without one, she could calculate the hardest equations within seconds, and she knew everything from the political views of Demacia, Noxius, and so on. It was like he made her into the perfect being. Nothing could be further from the truth, though she was the most intelligent and calmest person, an anger issue formed under the perfect image. (This isn't her lore, her lore will explain more about her. However, her lore has to wait until I release, No Hero Lives Forever; Quinn's Tale.) Anymilia's Theme: (R) Dragon's Blaise - Transformation: Cooldown: 1 minute * (P) Dragon's Blaise - Passive: An explosion of fire, that deals 20 (+ 20% AP) is formed when she transforms, the ring of fire will slow all enemies by 40% for 2 seconds. Dragon's Blaise consumes 50 mana per second. If Anymilia reaches below 40% of her mana she will transform back to her basic form. * (Q) Dragon Breath - Active: Anymilia channels for 2 second. If the channel succeeds, Anymilia will send out a blase of fire in a cone for 4 seconds that will deal 200 - 400 (+ 120% - 150% AP) damage per second, for each second an enemy champion is in the blase the AP ratio is increased by 12.5%. [Anymilia is not mobile, unless if she is under Dragons Wings, but won't gain movement speed.] * (W) Burning Earth - Active: Anymilia smashes the ground, sending a small ring of fire dealing 50 - 150 (+ 120% AP) damage. All enemies hit within the circle will be stunned for 1.25 seconds. * (E) Dragon Wings - Active: Anymilia increases her movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds. * (R) Reset - Active: Transform Anymilia back to her basic form. Tell me what you think so far? I haven't shown you guys her kit yet, so I can't really get criticism on it. But I will take any ideas.
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