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Greetings. As most of League players, at some point of time I've started to come up with ideas about new champion concepts. Even now I can see, that people post their suggestions every now and then. And so I came up with another, much more global idea. I've already posted it on EUNE server Boards, and people were interested in it. At least, none had downvoted it. I suggest Riot to create a specialized hub, where players can make suggestions for champions, skins, etc., and every suggestion will be easily accessible for Riot developer team. I am aware, that there is Creations & Concepts section on Boards, but, apparently, it is not working well enough for actual suggestions. Of course, it will take a lot of effort to make such project fully functional and effective, but it will give great benefits to both riot and creative community in the end. Players will be able to give their suggestions, which will then be checked for their compatibility with lore and gameplay by specialized developer team, and then receive feedback from Riot, to measure their abilities and grow as artists and scriptwriters. At the same time, Riot will get fresh ideas, that might be really useful in their game. Of course, they already have great creators, that manage to impress us with new champions and features every year, but, considering how rapidly computerization is developing around the globe and how fast League of Legends community grows, so will grow the desires of newly joined players, and any help from said community would most likely be useful to Riot. I hope, you would find this useful. Sincerely, realGuybrush. Link to EUNE post: [Suggestion Hub EUNE.](
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