Riot how about negative gold during death for item purchases?

Imagine you find yourself re-spawning in 50s. Most players probably shop shortly after death... but many, many of us know that we should open shop back up in ~10, ~20, ~30 seconds because we will generate enough passive gold to purchase or upgrade an item. If you would accrue enough passive gold to buy an item by the time you spawn - you should be able to purchase an item before you technically acquire that gold. This would allow players to make a purchase in the shop at any point during death. I think this would be a welcomed quality of life improvement for a few reasons... Helps lower elo players with smarter purchases Reduces time spent in shop Players can make item purchases or upgrades whenever they please during death Even more valuable in rapid passive gold generating games like ARAM. @Dev, Technical: each player could be assigned a 2nd gold value that initiates after death: the total gold you would have after spawning. This value adds the current gold with passive gold generation rate multiplied by the death timer.
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