[CHAMPION CONCEPT] Ceecee, the Hextech Engineer

As a lot of you probably know, Ceecee is a cancelled champion. This is some concept art from Riot: http://imgur.com/a/bAFEg I had some cool ideas (I hope :p) for Ceecee. My Ceecee would look like the Ceecee in the concept art, but with other equipment. My Ceecee would not have a big shield, but she has a Hextech Jetpack on her back, and she holds a lantern/oil lamp in one hand and a pickaxe in the other. I didn't use values for things like cooldowns, damage and slow percentages because I don't know what would be balanced. Not that it really is about balance, though, I just want to share some ideas. Let's get into the abilities! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ceecee has a ranged basic attack. _**Passive: Hextech Engineering**_: Before the battle on Summoner's Rift, Ceecee has already built structures on Summoner's Rift; Carts and tunnels. These structures can only be operated by Ceecee. > _**Note**_: All structures have a control panel with a chair, to operate the structure. The player playing Ceecee must click on the control panel to operate the structure. If you click on a control panel, Ceecee will walk towards it, and once she is in melee range, she jumps on the chair and starts operating the structure. This would be an example of the locations of the structures: http://imgur.com/a/nYeFu She has also modified ally turrets and the ally nexus. > _**Note**_: This is for her ultimate. Carts: Right click on a cart to operate it. Once a cart is operated, an ally can right click on the cart to jump in, and to be transported to the other side of the track, where the champion will automatically leave the cart. Transporting takes 2 seconds and the champion inside the cart is untargetable for the duration. If Ceecee is operating a cart, she can right click on the cart if it is empty, to send it to the other side. This takes 2 seconds. Tunnels: Right click on a tunnel to operate it. Once a tunnel is operated, an ally can right click on the tunnel to go in, and to be transported to the other side of the tunnel, where the champion will leave the tunnel. Transporting takes 5 seconds and the champion inside the tunnel is untargetable for the duration. Right click anywhere to stop operating a structure and move as normal. Ceecee is targetable and is able to be hit with skillshots while she is operating a structure. If Ceecee takes damage while she is operating a structure, she immediatly stops operating the structure and is able to move as normal. If this takes place while an ally is travelling in the structure, the travel will finish as normal. Enemies can attack structures for *?* damage to sabotage them. A sabotaged structure takes 5 seconds to start operating, instead of instantly. Once Ceecee has taken these 5 seconds to operate the structure, the structure works as normal again, until sabotaged again. _**Q: Smoke and Fire (circle skillshot, damage and slow scale with AP)**_: Ceecee throws a lantern on the ground, destroying it. Enemy champions hit by the skillshot will take damage, are slowed for 2 seconds, and deal reduced damage for 2 seconds. _**W: Hextech Jetpack (line dash)**_: Ceecee dashes a short distance using her jetpack. She will grab the first ally caught in her path, carrying the ally with her. If the ally is channeling an ability, this cannot take place. This dash cannot be used to go over walls. _**E: Crippling Axe (line skillshot, damage scales with AP)**_: Ceecee throws a pickaxe in a target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy champion hit. If the champion hit is near an ally (not including Ceecee herself) that has lower %health than the champion hit, the champion hit is stunned for 1.5 seconds. _**R: Secret Modification (targeted ability (on ally turret), damage scales with AP)**_: Ceecee jumps on an ally turret, unleashing a gigantic cannon that she installed. Ceecee can fire one huge cannonball in a line skillshot, that will travel over the entire map. All enemy champions hit take damage and are taken with the cannonball, until the cannonball reaches an edge of the map. The champions are dropped off here. If Ceecee's team doesn't have turrets left, this ability can be cast from the nexus. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _**Playstyle, weaknesses & build **_ Ceecee's passive is her signature ability that really defines her role in a team: protecting your teammates. Ceecee's passive is excellent to get an ally out of a sticky situation. During teamfights, she can use Fire and Smoke to apply damage reduction to enemy champions attacking your squishies. Her Hextech Jetpack is a great tool to get herself and allies out of trouble. Her Crippling Axe can be used to stop an enemy from killing your ally. Not only is Ceecee good at protecting teammates, she is good at protecting everything! With Secret Modification, Ceecee can protect towers, inhibitors, baron, dragon, even the Nexus. Ceecee is susceptible to getting caught out alone. There are few champions that Ceecee can fight one on one. She is also not good at running away. She does have a dash at her disposal, but she can't go over walls. Ceecee also lacks tankiness. Make sure to have a tanky top laner and/or jungler if you pick Ceecee. Generally, Ceecee will go for a supporty AP build, like for example Nami, Sona, Janna and Bard. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please let me know what you think (again, it's not really about balance but more the concept of the ability ideas)!
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